Global Haiku • Spring 2012
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Megan Vail

Seasons of Love


Quiet Moments

Megan Vail

I draw inspiration for my haiku from universal mundane moments that often get overlooked. I find that it is these small moments that I remember: not the extravagant birthday party, but the look on the birthday girl's face when she finally opens a present that she truly loves; not the wonderful destinations on vacations, but the quiet restful nights in the hotel rooms. This is where the title, Quiet Moments, comes from. Every haiku I write is not only a record of what happened, but also a cherished memory.

I have chosen to divide up my collection into four different sections: Peace, Afflicted, Serendipity, and Together. Although all of my work is drawn from the same inspiration, the tone of my haiku can be very different. The headings of each section loosely reflect the feelings that are communicated by each haiku in that section.

I hope that these haiku inspire you to find time in this hectic world to slow down and appreciate the small things.

Megan Vail is currently a sophomore at Millikin University. She is a B.F.A. Art Therapy major with an emphasis in photography, and a James Millikin Scholar. She comes from Cerro Gordo, a small farm town in Central Illinois.


as we rest
the moon
travels on

whispered words
be kind to yourself
my mantra

as my eyes adjust
to the darkness
I feel at peace


soft breathing
against the back of my neck
my lullaby

cradled by the moon
I forget
my insecurities

my foot
finds yours
under the table

a shooting star
I wish
for you


one crayon
left in the box

you hold me close
I whisper
the wrong name

birthday party
mother brings home
the wrong cake

rest stop
the vending machine
is broken


spring pool—
the koi
nibble at my toes

broken locket—
my great grandmother
hidden inside


. . . turn.

100 99 98 . . .
and suddenly I awaken
in a different room

© 2012, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.