Global Haiku • Spring 2012
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Sendin Bajric

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John Wills: A Vacation to Nature


Blue Water Swoosh

Sendin Bajric

Author's Introduction:

Blue Water Swoosh portrays a sort of light-heartedness from the sights that you see and the sounds that you hear from reading it. My haiku are written in the same sense. I try to not write about anything too serious so the reader can walk away from reading my haiku in a better mood hopefully. My haiku originate from personal experiences or experiences that I have seen other people go through.
I hope that you enjoy Blue Water Swoosh. Thank You. —Sendin Bajric

Reader's Introduction:

I liked these haiku a lot. I didn't have to think too deeply into them and rather was allowed to just enjoy them in a relaxed manner. A lot of the haiku are funny and light-hearted like "summer breeze/nevermind/it's just my fart". Also, some do cause you to think deeper into them but is not in a serious situation like "wondering as I hold/the Leaning Tower of Piza/when will it fall?". Overall, I enjoyed these haiku a lot and I'm sure you will too. —Kindra Emberton

Sendin Bajric is from St. Louis, Missouri and writes haiku for fun.

we walk through misty fog
hoping we stay together
once it clears

spring's first sun
the dust is removed
from the kayak

with every stroke
the paddle feels heavier
blue water swoosh

saying goodbye
but we walk to class
in the same direction

summer breeze
it's my fart

late winter cold
my hand freezes
holding her flowers

I wake her at midnight
to wish her
happy birthday

21st Century
grandma still grinds
the coffee beans

December sun
the husband gives permission

the doorbell rings
he prepares
what to say

wondering as I hold
the Leaning Tower of Piza
when will it fall?

© 2012, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.