Global Haiku • Spring 2012
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Stephanie Davis

Summer Rain


diamonds on dark blue silk

Stephanie Davis

Author's Note

I chose the title for my collection, "diamonds on dark blue silk", because there are moments in our lives that we remember and cherish above others. It's these moments that stand out the most in our lives and are the diamonds that stand out against the dark blue silk that is the infinite number of experiences we have. These diamonds can be the simplest every day moments but sometimes the most significant and memorable things are the ones we experience every day. The haiku that are in this collection are some of the diamonds in my life and my feelings and reflections on them. Many of the haiku in this collection deal with relationships or transitioning into college and finding out who I really am and have become since high school. On a more personal not many of the relationship haiku are in the fall section of the collection. This is because my boyfriend and I began our relationship in the fall of my freshmen year of high school.

Reader's Note

When I read Stef's haiku, I get a vivid picture in my mind with tons of memories swirling around it. Her haiku just paints a picture in your mind, and brings a smile to your face. Her fresh word choice paired with the placement of words brings about a great haiku. She puts a lot of time, effort, and heart into her haiku, and that shines through. Stef's haiku is very pleasing to read and I would recommend it to anyone!  ~Katie


raindrops fall
down my cheek
reluctant to let go

my guiding light
a reflection
off the butterfly's wings

taking a chance
breaking the stillness
first embrace

warm, inviting eyes
she smiles at me
I am a puddle

looking back
at the girl I used to be


childhood memory
his silver heart
once held mine

in darkness
his gentle caress
is just a dream

day in the snow
I come inside with
hugs for mom

swirling snow
my heart stops
and then the car


warm breezes
lift my kite
to new heights

the wrong batch
raw Easter eggs

on the edge
head reeling
I give in to despair

hidden trail
deep in the woods
flowers only I know

old rivalry
at graduation
holding hands


rolling wave picks me up
and leaves me bare
flushing cheeks

swinging hammock
two little monkeys
fall face first

bright eyes hushed whispers
small footsteps
through red raspberries



small waves 
in the moonlight
two sets of footprints

step into
diamonds on dark blue silk
midnight swim

flowing curtains
soft thunder
lulls me to sleep

© 2012, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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