Global Haiku Tradition--Tan-Renga 2013

Here are the caps that came in for the original haiku. The haiku author will get to select their favorite cap, indicated in italics.

we are philosophers—
the bus ride
to Disney World

when your eyes
first locked in mine

flash of sun
my thought track is lost

what is
that giant golf ball?

we are philosophers—
the bus ride
to Disney World
what is
that giant golf ball?

The first three lines of this haiku were of my own making. I chose the last two lines, written by two of my classmates, because they captured the playful essence I was going for with this haiku. The question of the Epcot Ball is a common one; everyone wonders exactly what means. On your way to the Most Magical Place on Earth, when all is right with the world and you feel like laughing, is the perfect time to muse about its possible significance. Sarah

the house
full of children
piñata on the tree

Mom sips another beer
as I chew laffy-taffy

grandma changes
a leaky diaper

getting nearer and nearer
to bursting

grandpa gets whacked
on the head

its candy bounty

boy next door watches
not invited

vultures waiting
always watching

nearly mauled
when I open the door

but it's in the neighbor's

a small child below
jumps to reach

greeted at the door
by sloppy kisses—
my puppy

to join in

distracting me
from his empty bedroom

in disgust

behind him on the rug
an accident


family ritual:
CBS Sunday Morning
and fresh donuts

dad eats
the one I wanted

then: sacrificing
our best goat

powdered sugar

all the family
on one couch

TWO pairs of pants
that fit my string bean legs
Easter miracle

banana republic
my religion

later in the day
a tear in the butt


bunny proposal:
how many

the glint of light
in his eyes

even adorable bunnies

somebunny bit off my ears

for a salad

bunny proposal:
how many
even adorable bunnies

My favorite response to my bunny proposal haiku was Darien's, because he was the only one that got the pun at first.

Easter Sunday
the passed-out
altar girl

wakes up
during the Alleluia

must've been a great
Holy Saturday

the priest
flying solo

gets nasty looks
Stacy! Get up!

disapproving eyes
flash to her mother

dirty looks at her

the priest
rushes to help

opens her eyes
to the light

Easter Sunday
the passed-out
altar girl
opens her eyes
to the light

Charlie Decker & ?

peace be with you
I avoid
his missing finger

no war stories
on Easter

i think he knows
i stole his chicken

only to have her
pinch my cheeks

only to fixate
on his eye patch

as it hits the wall
behind me

and stare into
his good eye

my eyes
trail to the window

he avoids meeting
my wandering eyes

faint minuet
my mother tells
the Easter story

kids know it's almost
egg hunt time

i pretend to know
what fertility means

all of a sudden . . .
dad burps

faint minuet
my mother tells
the Easter story
i pretend to know
what fertility means

Sarah & ?

I chose this ending because it coincides with a child's perspective of the event being described.  It captures the notion that children know that Easter is an important time of year, but may not always completely understand why and other meanings around it. I like how lines 2 and 3 and lines 4 and 5 are a bit like matched pairs: the first describes the mother, and the second describes the child. There are several people who take part in this moment, and this cap accurately portrays a moment of togetherness, while maintaining a sense of individuality for both the child and mother. Sarah

stage two
dark chocolate coma.

i pry the candy bar
from my daughter's sleepy grip

i’ll do better next time,
if there is a next time.

the dog
will not make it

tears of joy
the doctor said it's benign
fresh lilies

my young son asks
why am i crying?

from the candy striper
with a gap tooth smile

in the next room,
they mourn a loss


the night before Easter
and grandma can't eat
breast cancer surgery in the morning

I save a piece of candy
for when she come home

© 2013, Randy Brooks • Millikin University • All rights returned to authors upon publication.