Global Haiku Tradition--Tan-Renga 2013

Here are the caps that came in for the original haiku. The haiku author will get to select their favorite cap, indicated in italics.

we are philosophers—
the bus ride
to Disney World


the house
full of children
piñata on the tree





greeted at the door
by sloppy kisses—
my puppy


family ritual:
CBS Sunday Morning
and fresh donuts


TWO pairs of pants
that fit my string bean legs
Easter miracle

bunny proposal:
how many





Easter Sunday
the passed-out
altar girl


peace be with you
I avoid
his missing finger



faint minuet
my mother tells
the Easter story





stage two
dark chocolate coma.





tears of joy
the doctor said it's benign
fresh lilies

the night before Easter
and grandma can't eat
breast cancer surgery in the morning

© 2013, Randy Brooks • Millikin University • All rights returned to authors upon publication.