Haiku Attempts 2 - open - nitty gritty

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2013

infinite hot water
no motivation to shower

new semester

shared restroom
aim my stream
at the dried vomit

frozen car door
this time
the key won’t work

last minute homework
not enough coffee
to keep me awake

eight inches of snow
popping in and out of sight
a dachshund

too much
of a good thing
ramen noodles

swimming practice
get out
of my lane

and homesick
first week in college

the small boy
watches his cows
be taken away

you would think
I had won the lottery

hiding his pain
with the puff
of a joint

the fear of falling fades
as we glide on the ice
and you hold on

finally free
but you must do
your own laundry

he smiles her way
the ice in her heart
begins to melt

five in the morning
a janitor saw
my walk of shame

hardest work
the paper comes back
as an F

curled up by the tv
a train chugs
onto a snow-covered street

daddy's little girl
dressed in a miniskirt
and glitter

a girl with an earring
a boy with a glove
not wanting to forget

career day
lots of fathers
my grandpa stands proud

i give the frost
on my bedroom window
a smile

frost on his heart
at the sight of her
it melts

but after
the party's gone
who will be there?

late night studying
brain so full
she falls asleep

surprise fire drill
pink bunny slippers
in the snow

social drinking:
only social
when drinking

she looks away
I wave

from last night . . .
you don't remember

like the old pick up
in the garage

streaked mascara
on my hot cheeks
while his glow

the icy world
cannot freeze
her warm sprit

snow flakes
perfectly shaped
in my mind

icicles growing
not up
but down

tears on my keyboard
are we friends
or not

she says
my prince is out there
. . . is he?

listening to friends
make evening plans
he sits alone

eyes closed
alone with God
what do you want with me

the sting of pain
leaves a beautiful flush
upon her face

long days
longer nights
never ending



two hands
in his pocket
keeping her safe

icicle sword fights
a puddle
on the kitchen floor

that one looks ok
he shakes off the . . .
Our Christmas Tree

chocolate covered raisons
spilled the box
the levee breaks

I wish on stars
and know
I'm growing up

college laundry rooms
down here
it's dog eat dog

still wet
cycle three

finals week
when did I last shower?
Oh god

a winter's halo
glitters in her
scarlet hair


good student
front row seat
spit shower

in just one day
I have all the time in the world
to do everything

oh dorm room
thank you for
your constancy

snow shows that
something cold
can be molded

© 2013, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.