Haiku Kukai 3 - Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2013

smeared on her forehead
everyone stares

the worn glove
dusted off
a new rookie

pet shop window
tiny pink paw
warms my palm

boxed wine
the obligatory viewing
of a romantic comedy

Mardi Gras
trust me, no one
wants to see that

in the lonely woods
she walks with God
owl wings whisper

gazing into the mirror
she sighs
. . . another lonely Valentine's day

a bad day
surprise delivery
fresh Paczkis

he kisses me softly
i wonder if he'd like me
if i wasn't pretty

112 lbs.
she still thinks
she's fat

bathroom mirror
who she sees
is not who she wants

a large meal—
acid burns
on her first two fingers

touching my forehead
what is this?
I softly explain the ashes

he always finds me

a valentine's day
love triangle:
me, Jose & Jack

Times Square
a ball of lights
lets me start over

country music
the lyrics of
my life

the smell of cigarettes
on his breath
when will it end

early morning
her shower song
wakes me

alone again
I guess that means
more chocolates for me

my valentine
this girl
I've never talked to

cozy in my bed
I have to pee

car seat removed
a rainbow of gummy dinos
and skittles

midnight swim
moonlit droplets
on her cheek

after prom
cinderella alone—
a pumpkin again

last day for candy
might as well eat it all

returning together drunk . . .
a boy puts a screwdriver
in the electrical outlet

2 in the morning
my laundry
still not dry

Montana sky
streaming black hair
becomes the horse's mane

long day
of reality . . .
back to the novel

scent of rubbing alcohol
grandma dabs
at my scraped knees

late night
I'll do my homework . . .

he pulls me towards him
says he's not like the other
I try to believe him

overflowing sink
dirty dishes, murky water
she ponders pregnancy

for Lent
the Pope gave up
being the Pope

hanging on the wall
early retirement

an old man
alone at the doctor's office
waits for his ride

valentine's day
I can still be happy
for others

counseling at Starbucks
two days later
she dials his number

my valentine
has a t-rex on it
she likes me




Valentine's day
spaghetti dinner
he likes my gift

as you show your faith
I am reminded
I have none

elementary school
I made fun of his ears
he liked me anyway

first time
I ever cared
Feb 14

my varentine
no varentine
I so ronry

the cafe is full
I sit

my baby cousin
dances for the party
Mardi Gras style

biting cold
she decides
to hold on

burnt cookies
that don't look like hearts . . .
start from scratch

mardi gras
in Iowa
just Tuesday

I remember
last Valentine's day
we fought

February twenty eighth
still on the desk
a pile of valentines

valentine's day
nursing home
dinner with grandma

a wild celebration
plastic beads
to hide the scar

beauty in the mirror
she only sees
the beast

free refills
the soda fountain
spits on my hand


© 2013, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.