Haiku Kukai 6 - 5-7-5

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2013

misunderstood youth
fingering a pocket knife,
seventh grade classroom

a hundred what-ifs
for the third night in a row—
tears on the pillow

in the stream two bears
hunt for rainbow colored fish
towering mountains

when the train decides
to stop outside of my room
I stop my homework

cul-de-sac hairdo—
little girl nuzzles to give
kisses on his head

admiring from afar
the boy with the deep blue eyes
briefly, they meet mine

white room slowly fills
well-wishers, flowers, balloons
nothing he can do

do not be jealous
do not let him see you cry
pretend it's okay

after a long day
of bad news and PMS
adult beverages

A rock falls downhill . . .
the boys watch it hit water
ripples in the stream.

words ring in my head
the silent screaming of things
I will never say

water through the hole
ever-flowing down the way
carving up the earth

sitting by my bed
he accidentally bumps
my poison IV

ten o'clock at night
walking past the hallway mirror—
is that my own face?

morning birds chirping
stepping into the heavy air
just rusty windmill

southern Chicago
on each house a Sox flag hangs;
howls of cheering fans

morning birds chirping
or could they be late night birds . . .
the moon disappears

gloomy clouds roll in
the darkening day does not
kill his rising spirit

believe her when she says
her heart's not easily touched
snow falling in spring

hanging on the wall
a picture of you and me
those days are over

past the Disney Store
can I be a princess now?
his daughter whispers

pizza box, wine glass
hurriedly grasping for both—
empty and barren

a sweltering sun.
how can I just forget you?
dimples shroud homework

doing the laundry
he carries up my basket
I fall more in love

like a hungry plant
I turn my eager face to
the glimmering sun

Does he really think
that I’m that kind of person?
4:30 AM

a wish for her mom
softly floating in the air
like a parting glance

well-deserved burger for dinner
the result of a very hard workout
she can conquer the world

© 2013, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.