Global Haiku • Spring 2013
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Castle Gates

Alex Buchko

I don’t have a great long-term memory like my younger brother, but as I’ve spent a semester immersed in the art of haiku, I find that it is incredibly easy to recall memories from long ago. Most of the haiku I’ve written have come from memories or experiences I’ve had. No matter how far removed you think you are from the past, the pictures, people, and feelings are still there, no matter how hard you try to let them go. I’ve learned that haiku is not just about feelings but about pictures that create certain feelings. I hope this collection brings a little smile to your face as it reminds you of the little one you used to be or perhaps your own children.

As I finish my freshman year of college, it occurs to me how much I’m still in tune with my younger self; and I think we all need that in our lives, that slight sense of Peter Pan-ness. I say that because a childlike sense of wonder and taking in the big, bright, beautiful world is necessary for us as humans to keep moving forward, to keep dreaming and creating. I miss my younger days, how simple they were, and I think everyone feels that way at some point or another. And of course, there are things I wish I wouldn’t have had to experience. But haiku brought me back to appreciating life’s small, everyday moments and how they will become the memories I will cherish as I grow older.

“The memories are there somewhere . . .
Remind her
You’ll find her”

~ Tom Kitt & Brian Yorkey, “Seconds and Years”

first snow without glasses
she lifts her head
tasting a snowflake

I picture the bullies
twisting ankles
in pointe shoes

a swan in training
slides off her shoes . . .
bloody blisters

homecoming dance
I rip up
our couple’s ticket

on the front steps
waiting for a kiss . . .
settle for a smile

after prom
cinderella alone—
a pumpkin again

he always finds me

dressed up for dancing
my date offers his arm
hi daddy

exploding colors
leaving her heart
at the castle gates

stolen kiss
on the hotel porch
red geraniums

seeing the sun
in my hair
. . . i might be pretty

bible study
hidden hand-holding
under solomon’s song

pebbles on the window
or peter pan?

movie theater
hand dangles on the armrest
fishing for love

Indiana Jones

ebbyone is wooking,
wunny nose
an’ febah

missing piece

black markings
used to be

crypt of blankets . . .
i want my mummy

the page

my other world—
will have to wait

by Alex Buchko, Courtney Burress, Randi Mehrmann

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