Global Haiku • Spring 2013
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Emily Crutchfield

A Year Away from Home

Emily Crutchfield

Introduction: I decided to title this book “A Year Away From Home” because the majority of my haiku are based off of experiences I have had in my freshman year of college. My approach when writing these haiku was just using what was going on in my life at the moment, or pulling on memories that were pulling at my thoughts. I hope that my haiku are found to be relatable and applicable to many peoples lives, and I hope that I can make at least one person remember a certain event or person that somehow affected them and lead them to appreciate it.

Reader’s Introduction:

After reading this collection of poems I have found three main themes: love, family, and food. These haikus are what I believe to be a good description of Emily’s life; from her embarrassing times, to her more sentimental times. She uses her life experiences to her advantage and puts them into different situations, whether it is funny or self-reflective. Bryn Agnew

career day
lots of fathers
my grandpa stands proud

remember the night
we did donuts in the parking lot
. . . and then we parked

ramen noodes, easy mac
a kit-kat for dessert
Sunday night date

taking my grandma to surgery
she assures me
it will all be ok

I change
into my work clothes
and play grown up

hushed voices
discuss divorce
the first day of spring

through the wind
through the rain
she is my rock

dinner with my grandparents
we discuss the new plots
purchased at the cemetery

doing the laundry
he carries up my basket
I fall more in love

the familiar sensation
of a sunburned shoulder
the first day of vacation

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