Global Haiku • Spring 2013
Dr. Randy Brooks

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In a Day

Emily D'Ambrose

This collection is called "In a Day" because as I looked back at the haiku I had written, I noticed that many of them are attached to a specific time of day. I am fascinated by the way weather affects mood and when I looked back at my haiku, many of the ideas expressed reflected a specific time of day. I also chose to arrange my haiku within the frame work of a day. I begin with

alarm clock rings
she hit snooze
10 times

and travel full circle to the early morning with
2 am
it’s 30 degress
and the dog has to pee

Most of my haiku come from my own experience or experiences I have seen in others. I like to explore human emotion and relationships in my haiku. I see my haiku as brief snapshots of my life that others can enjoy or relate to. I chose to keep this book simple, with just haiku, so the reader can interpret freely. Enjoy!

alarm clock rings
she hits snooze
ten times . . .

the sun rises
he gets up from the couch
to find her forever asleep

bright sunshine
your shadow
holds hands with mine

outside the library
she runs into him
his face lights up

a coffee shop
two cups
their first date

she takes off her shoes
and her belt . . .
airport security

small bird
flying through the snow
erased in the white

four generations in the kitchen
passed down
in a recipe book

little handprints
splattered in paint
an apron for mom

butterfly kisses
he leans down
to tuck her into bed

a single star
next to a pale crescent moon
beauty mark

© 2013, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.