Global Haiku • Spring 2013
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Randi Mehrmann

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Randi Mehrmann

This is a collection of the best haiku that I have written in Spring 2013. I had the haiku picked out, and when I was going through them, I realized that if I reorganized them, they would make a rather cute love story. So that's what I did. These haiku were written mostly about the feelings that I was experiencing when I was writing. There are a few that were written responses to other haiku, and some that were responses to other things I saw this semester. Enjoy!

Reader's Introduction

I love the way Randi writes her haiku. They are filled with emotion, and have lots of meaning. I really love the way her haiku collection portrays a love story. Her haiku make every heart yearn for the love that she has found. I hope you enjoy Randi's collection as much as I do. ~Amanda Lee

truck bed
no worries
just stories

the hardest choice
speak my mind
or close my mouth

two hands
in his pocket
keeping her safe

a night to remember
with a date to forget

we can still be

we are just
passing by
melting snow

I go back
to another mistake
my hair warms his pillow

last piece of the puzzle
goes in smoothly
now what?

sitting by my bed
you accidentally bump
my poison IV

after surgery
he paints
my toes

melted heart
the Navy steals
my strongest fighter

the plane takes off
my heart
flying first class

for the first time
she’s happy
she failed a test

looking at the stars
thinking of you
looking at the top bunk

eyes open
frosty fingers find each other
awake and awakened



taking out
my stuffed animals

funeral home
a bad time
to crack a joke


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