Haiku Kukai 1 - The Cold

Global Haiku, Spring 2014


making a snowball
one of several made today
hands can barely move

chilly day in the woods
camouflage boots, hat, and gloves
not cold anymore

frosted window
touched by a finger
ice disappears


bundled from head to toe
cold wind howls
just beyond the door

cuddled for warmth
under the patchwork quilt
let it snow


penguins huddle
so do friends
one more hour


canvas sneakers
dragging through the drifts
soon sopping wet and freezing cold

leaves brustling
the bundled hunter
gun ready

migrating geese
honking in the night
tis' the season

morning dew on the ground
walking to the blind
as the sun comes up

quick steps
in the fresh snow
one block to go

creaky hinges
threaten to break free

the young boy
tugs at his red toboggan
uncharted territory


trash bag heavy
in my hand
long cold walk to the dumpster


demoralized by the cold
trains keep rolling
professors are still teaching


steamy bathroom
door opens to a
chilly hallway

blast of cold wind
in my face
empty mailbox


an immovable door
cold to the touch
a howling wind behind it

his breath condenses
in the winter air
jumper cables


full blast
waiting for the heat


frost dusts the van
the inside—
a freezer


young hands rinse
dirt from fresh beans
a strand of silver hair

runny nose
tissue in hand
blanket around shoulders

I run my hands
over the ivory keys

© 2014, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.