Haiku Kukai 5- Spring Break

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2014

warm spring evening
corn field covered by snow

the ides of march—
I begin the journey
into my final teenage year

sun rise on the beach
a boy drags his towel
behind Mom

sitting on the rooftop
best friends
and beer cans

Spring Break . . .
     I was hoping for
          sun and bikinis

spring break
only 2 days down
missing her already

the hot tub’s bubbles stop
my sister cringes
as I make my own

long drive
at least I’m not alone . . .
talking with my brother

up in the loft room
we huddle together
fan girl-ing

gently gently
suntan lotion over
her red hot sun burn

lunch with mom
we catch up
on the past week

on the line
capping oil applicators . . .
spring break

Professor Quirrel
Father of Luke Skywalker
You just wouldn't understand

          shock and awe
        just standing near
Mustang GT500 Super Snake

video games are fun
until you remember
who you miss

long distance
the sound of a familiar voice
Skype date

surrounded by
more cacti

4 am
the empty whiskey bottle

7 episodes behind
on demand
0 episodes behind

the cool air
blows through the pavilion
strumming my guitar

St. Patty’s Day
in the Windy City
flowing green river

time spent
playing video games

homeless man
on the city bus

the river dyed all green
in honor of the Saint—
my lucky birthday color

i will never miss cleaning the house

months of waiting
finally seeing the movie
what a let-down

not the same
as face to face

back at home
my best friend . . .
the high school principal

pink hair
music blaring
at a rock concert

morning overcast
beneath the dam
I overcast

morning walk
someone’s panties caught
in the sea oats

raised tee box
the Scottsdale valley

beautiful spring day
to spend running
a windowless factory

my last day of break
with my brothers

not wanting to leave
but wanting to be

walk into church
thousands of hellos
“how’s school?!"

fog horn bellows
across the icy rink
hot dog time

my reflection stares back
just like the fish
behind the glass

fresh paint
offending my senses
as I walk in

golf course
hidden in the mountains
hidden gem






lesson plans
chatty children
Sunday School

she catches him
admiring another girl’s
yoga pants

furniture askew
little bunnies hop together
spring cleaning

complete darkness
on top of the mountain

the squeak
of sneakers
tournament weekend

grinding and popping
wrinkled yet soft
arthritic knee

leaping shot
sent back
with one arm outreached

muddy bottoms
trekking through the swamp
antler shed

she skips to the dumpster
to toss away her heels

school can wait
this week
is all mine

helping dad—
I draw a heart
in the sawdust

exploring tourists
find a home

late night with Jimmy Fallon
droopy eyes
Where is the remote?

pull of the handle
spits from the nozzle;

scratchy and disturbing
keeping me awake
beach sand in my bed

sun rise
sun set
wherever you are

looking up from Netflix
I wonder when
the sun went down

sand between my toes
I watch the pelican
miss his prey again

the clerk rings up
my shorts and sunglasses
          wishful thinking

spring break
where everyone has their partner
. . . and I’m with my parents . . .

I watched her burn
won’t ignite

video chat:
talking about God
we drift into dreams

corona on the beach
the sunset begins.
   . . . maybe one more drink

so many freckles
her polka dot bikini
hides a few


his face smiles at me
as I fall asleep—
poster board boyfriend

© 2014, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.