Global Haiku • Spring 2014
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Alex Brase

Autumn Picnic

Alex Brase

Autumn Picnic is a collection of my very best haiku. These haiku were selected based on the input from my friends and family, and my own opinion. The title originates from the first haiku in the collection, and what I think is perhaps the best haiku of the collection.

autumn picnic
leaves blowing everywhere

sitting on a cozy chair
warm mug in my hands
snow falling

valentine's day
is great
for some

head buried in a book
the boy
not there

sitting in church
because I have to
thoughts drift

walk into a room
worse than yelling

proposing on April first
she laughs at his joke

knowing less
than anyone else
talking more

matrix multiplication
always mixed up
columns X rows

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