Global Haiku • Spring 2014
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Broken Connections

Deborah Vogel

When I first encountered haiku, I was weary of the subject. In fact, I strongly despised everything to do with poetry. However, I am a firm believer in trying new things. Let me tell you—I surprised myself on this one. Beyond these pages, you will find a sample of my journey. The long passage through a course in Global Haiku.

I entitled this expedition "Broken Connections" due to the fact that often in haiku, it is unclear what the author’s original intent was. Each reader will relate to it in his or her own way. However, it may not be the same way the author originally approached it.

It is my desire that you take this haiku and relate to it as you so wish. In finding my joy of haiku, I have found that this open technique is a brilliant way to relate to the arts. Enjoy!

penguins huddle
so do friends
one more hour

“Pride goeth before the fall”
mama always taught me
she was right

chatty roommate
white wine

frantic gestures
mocking taunts
Dutch Blitz

green hill
overlooks quiet river
a place of worship

daddy’s little princess
all grown up
wedding bells

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