Global Haiku • Spring 2014
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Jackie Dumitrescu

Lotus Blossom

Jacqueline Dumitrescu

Dear Readers,

Over the past semester, Spring 2014, I had the pleasure of learning how to write and understand haiku. It has now become my favorite medium of writing because there is both an easy and a hard aspect to writing haiku. I am now happy to present my best haiku under the title, "Lotus Blossom". The title is from one of my favorite haiku, which is included and I chose it as the title becuase, like haiku, the lotus has a rather simple beauty but behind the scene there is a lot of complexity to it.

~Jacqueline Dumitrescu

soft breeze
slips through the curtains—
goose bumps

the sun rises
across the desert—
prayers through the megaphone

that corner of the library
away from all
my paradise

rusty pickup truck—
Southern belle's
first kiss

lotus blossom
she sits peacefully

young tear-stained cheeks
the shower washes away
the pain

lime tree blossoms
glow white—
vampire's kiss

I fly from
haunting whispers

black ink
needle pierces
I don't feel any pain

rainbow scarf
flutters in the wind
traveler's wife

childhood stories
my parents embarass me
in front of HIM

pastor's sermon;
in the background,
we pass notes

satisfying ache
I bend into
downward dog

early morning
quiet time outside
Bible in my lap

Original Romanian Haiku
(with English translations):


un pahar de must
in mana se’n’floriaza
lucrul e gata

cup of sweet wine
blooms in my hand
work is done

ouale se bat la pasti
cap la coada
coada la cap

eggs battle on Easter
head to tail
tail to head

© 2014, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.