Global Haiku • Spring 2014
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Jenna Farquhar

The pages

Jenna Farquhar

The title, “The Pages We Turn,” got its inspiration from my love for books. I have always been a bookworm; I was the child who didn’t get in trouble for staying up past my bed time because I was reading. Books have always been so important to me and have taught me so many different lessons. Not only this, but books allow its readers to travel to different countries, cities, and worlds; all of them containing different characters and stories that I can make my own. Within these pages, life emerges, and we can escape from reality. At the same time, whenever you read a book, there will be an end: a time to return to reality. But, this is just another point in life; another a page in your life can happen.

Like books, I think haiku have this ability as well. While not everyone can relate to all haiku, there is usually some aspect the can be related to by anyone. Haiku are little pieces of life, which are just portrayed in unexpected ways. Again, life has its moments where things occur unexpectedly, also like the prince saving the princess only to lose her to an ogre (in your favorite fairytale). These unexpected, and expected moments are what make life life, and make life like books, and life like haiku. There will always be that continuity between the three.

sends text
it's so over

transforming from a caterpillar
to a twirling butterfly
spring recital

under the counter
you sit
little monkey slippers

paper cup
set on the terminal floor
missing home

all I feel
beneath my naked feet

tail peeking
from under the table

strike one . . .
swings too soon
. . . strike three

next to my computer
sits my best friend

old oak table
back in the stacks

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