Global Haiku • Spring 2014
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Kort Branscome

I Love College

Kort Branscome

This collection is titled “I Love College” because of its descriptive format of life through the eyes of an undergraduate student. The collection is a compilation of memories and actions that have happened (generally speaking) in the present or past of a college student’s life. These are not limited to college students however. Readers of all ages can find solace in the haiku collection, “I Love College”.

his mother explains
the ashes
he takes her word for it

purple and gold beads
her shirt lifts
into the night

recess with the cool kids
mom brings me
my forgotten lunch

the vibrant butterfly
rests on 
a wilting flower

the frail man
carries his groceries

phone lights up
a good night text
sweet dreams

fog horn bellows
across the icy rink
hot dog time

comic sans font
she may be a joker
business card

study session
bucket of cheese balls

© 2014, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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