Global Haiku • Spring 2014
Dr. Randy Brooks

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TJ Holmes

Two sticks and a carrot

Tanner James Holmes


Two sticks and a carrot is a collaboration of my work throughout a semester long class about global haiku. It is a small collection of what I think represents my best work. As I went through and reread the haiku I had written throughout the semester, I started to notice a trend. Many of my haiku are about change. Two stick and a carrot comes from this poem:

two sticks
and a carrot—
the last reminder of winter

This is a good example of what I mean when i say change. Whether it has to do with physical change of seasons, or psychological change of mood or memory, they all lead to this point of change. That is why I picked this title, and it is the basis for how I put together this book. This small sample of my work is my first attempt at joining the haiku tradition. I hope you enjoy.

rising sun—
putting on
a new pair of socks

the day's heat
two sticks and a carrot—
the last reminder of winter

ukulele . . .
a black case
of dust

hopping out of the pool
my trunks

sunbeams break
the morning mist . . .
Chicago skyline

offered chocolates . . .
he remembers

iced window pane . . .
the fire glows

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