Ekphrasitc Haiku 1

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2015



Salvatore Dali's
"The Persistence of Memory"



deep in thought
my memory fades
but it still happened

on the horizon
I have nothing else
          To give

wasting time
in a dream
I see myself

dirty laundry
only mom knows
along with everyone

background beauty
next year
she will shine

Adam Peters


always running out
melting down to nothing

melting into nothing
never enough

Kendall Kott


summer sun
time melting away
far too fast

Eve Greenwell


wasting time
the clocks wear away
as I try to catch my breath

out of time
reaching for you

Katelyn Rumph


the desert sun
melts everything below
time is no exception

Kyler Fear


forgotten names
father's memory of 80 years

Nicholas Sanders

Dali’s Persistence of Memory

The way I understood this painting was that it's our version of time. We created this idea and we use certain things to measure it, but what does it really mean? We place such great emphasis on this notion of "being on time" and "be here at this time" that we've learned not to question it. It’s what we've grown up with and it's what we've accepted, but we don’t really know anything certain about it except it's what we've long ago agreed upon. At 8am a normal work day starts, and all of this other precedents of time, but if you truly think about it, who/what decided on the whole hour scheme, and when was the acceptable dinner time and so on.

sun dial
on the mountain tops
our reality of time

a circadian rhythm
or the moon's cycle—
nature's version of time

society structured
by 24 hour days
in an infinite time zone

Francesca Rios


it melts away
and never comes back

Nicole Koch












Colorful Street Painting



we take
the road less travelled
spring break

stear clear
of yellow snow
not lemonade

melting snow
broken sleds

Eli Cook


shimmer of rain
        off the sidewalks
empty park

autumn trees
        consume my sight
breeze through my hair

Austyn Krueger


helicopters fall
I squeeze my lover's hand
under the gold trees

kiss in the park
I say I do
beneath a rainbow sky

Kendall Kott


balloons in the sky
childhood imagination
takes over

springtime evening
illuminated by street lights
colors all around

Eve Greenwell


walking down the road
with her
admiring the night

beautiful night
to go for a walk
with her

down the road
I see them

Brandon Januska


running on my favorite path
I look back
on my mistakes

Nicole Koch

balls of light
illuminate specks of color
a couple walks alone

we walk together
through the puddles
not asking what is next

I see our reflection
in the puddles
trees above, trees below

trees above
trees below
I will always love you

Lexy Bieber


balloons in the sky
someone wishes me
Happy Birthday

Alex Cardascio


rainbow in the sky
a walk in the park
turns into my inspiration

Katelyn Rumph


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