Haiku Kukai 1

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2015


crashing on the beach
the salty air
kisses my forehead

hot potato soup
from the inside out

numbing cold
crack of the rifle
grandpa's gun

I watch
as she leaves
snowflakes fall

in the park
the frisbee gets larger

snow covered
pine needles
the waxwings feast

neighbor's treehouse—
I go outside
and count the rings

rabbits in the vest
gun over the shoulder
he'd be proud

dirt stained skin
a croak escapes from
the heartbeat in my hands

across the pond
a tadpole swims
         through the algae

quiet house
waking the parents
every child's detective

night life
squeaks of the wooden floor

Wednesday night texts
the warmth
from my heating blanket

texts under blankets
the rain
lulls me to sleep

fall break
discussing Gershwin
we talk the night away

conductor lowers his arms
a cough from house right
cellos bow in G

snow falling
on the bridge
late for work

from the cold
human cocoon

math homework
father brings me news
Nonie passed away

sunny day
red lady bugs
fly over grandmother's grave

talk on cloning
and politics
PB&J packed by mom

first snow
hearing old fights
from behind your bedroom door

bitter wind
whipping at my face
class time

Christmas lights fade
midnight hits
the ball drops

tip toe
the footprints
zig-zag the snow

cold feet
I steal the blanket

lights out
tuck me in
make me feel loved

fingers clenched
the boy grabs
a flashlight

abandoned city
pink light illuminates
a dark sky

tracks in the snow
mine and his
I'm not alone

in the twilight zone
he writes his best
but remembers nothing

winter weather
he refuses to wear

night sky
street lights
whispers goodnight

Christmas spirit
wishing your parents
still lied to you

waiting for you to leave
any day now

breakfast with him
I didn't know
it was a date

boomerang never came back a stick

muddy hands
the little girl lets
her prince go

three buttons
Mr. Jack
now only two—
don't leave just yet






freezing cold
4 rabbits 5 squirrels
with grandpa's .22

on a whim
our picnic
with no basket

a young girl's laughter
a dog's whimper
in the eye of the storm

scared and afraid
wrapped in a blanket for warmth
can we keep him?

chicken nuggets
talk about Mozart
at the band table

out the window
branches flying
in the storm

tears roll
as I remember her singing
Shepherd me, O God

walking through the valley
the verses
fall silent

green pastures
the lamb lies
on his eternal bed

© 2015, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.