Haiku Kukai 2 Names

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2015

ticking . . .
the time bomb
in my heart

hosting a guest
but she can't sleep
the clock ticks

clickity clack
the train on the track
at 2 A.M.

the clock
against me

the world running by His clock
we tell time
no one knows the hour

the clock in the room
I cannot wait
for it to strike midnight

grandfather clock
how much time
have you told

tall and old
with important things to say
grandfather clock

sun rises
text from mom     did you take
your vitamins

assigned reading
I fall asleep
in my book

pile of homework
     watching the clock
running out of time

listening to the clock
when will class end

looking for the clock
into the final lap
the bell rings

a shooting star—
misguided wish

running clock
I sit and rest
while the others work

watching emails and
hoping for a snow day
time to go to class

first class cancelled
I brush my hair

hours of homework
       I play with the shavings
       from my pencil eraser

I sit and wait
staring at numbers
tick tock

I watch
the clock
it refuses to move

hectic weekend
we miss . . .

in the classroom
listening to the teacher
talk about her weekend

a sandlot
the simple things
no longer exist

listening to my parents
get into an argument
over what to eat

a grand ball
the tattooed woman

warm summer afternoon
a blessing from heaven
with Down syndrome

routine fly ball
God helps me
throw her out at home

after a late night
at the theatre
time for homework

lost child
in the theatre
I get him to relax

on the mound
with bases loaded
poker face

true well being

racing against the clock
waiting for
the rest of my life

flickering candle
an early class
becomes my meditation

unpacked backpack
I haven't lived
in five days

a pint of vanilla
post workout
cool down

amber waves
the lake's surface
glows brightly

love at first sight
cant keep my eyes off of you

she is a book
that I can't put down

Friday the thirteenth
crack an egg
double yolk

our feet overlap
so I know
you're still there





the first bite
to the core
red delicious

round and around
the crowd chants
blue smoke

to the fallen ladybug
I sing a requiem
lacrimosa dies illa

father and son at the ball game storm rages on

Sunday morning
cold shower can't erase
last night's headache

falling from grace
       as I try to walk
       snow on the ground

midnight snack
drinking chocolate milk
from the cocoa puffs

the dog droops its head
in the kennel

wind blown curls
I sink my feet
into the sand bar

brush my hair back
so I can see

turn on the lights
I check the shower curtain
for monsters

will it fit?
200 shirts
for one small closet

five, six
I move across the floor
seven, eight

only one
I beg to see her

tell me everything
I want to be the authority
on your oddities

crossed arms
first time meeting
the parents

dancing in the rain
stuck in the mud

I'll wait for you
on the ground
I know you want me to

I remember how you
treated her

first date
asking why
I just said that

loosing faith
yet praising Him daily
Kyrie eleison

in the choir
every Sunday . . .
an angel

her hand
and mine
Our Father

the communion plate is passed
a symphony of coughs

I lay in bed
to be only yours

forced to cover
the bruises on my body
his love for me

hand on my thigh
I hear only
my heart

no looking back
I swim beyond the shores
to the ends of the earth

good morning kiss
walking alone
to my next class

holding my hand
as we walk down the aisle—
man and wife

crisp autumn air
the smell of burning wood
sticks to my skin

suitcase in the foyer
I overhear
the end of our home

boy friend
the small space
that is the friend zone

blood smeared lip
I should have hid
his bottle of scotch

our anniversary
I never imagined
us being together this long

we snuggle under the blanket
hours upon hours
of talking

laughing in bed
we recreate romantic scenes
from the movies

rain falling
he kisses me
under the streetlights

lying in bed
my phone illuminates my face
long distant relationship

long country road
our song on the radio
his smell lingers on the seats

© 2015, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.