Haiku Kukai 2 Favorites

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2015

ticking . . .
the time bomb
in my heart

hosting a guest
but she can't sleep
the clock ticks

clickity clack
the train on the track
at 2 A.M.

Eli Cook (7)

the clock
against me

the world running by His clock
we tell time
no one knows the hour

Eve Greenwell

This haiku makes me imagine a huge clock up in heaven that is counting down the days until Christ returns. It is a very well written haiku that, to me, depicts a very deep and spiritual meaning. Kyler

the clock in the room
I cannot wait
for it to strike midnight

Alex Cardascio

I really like this haiku because it reminds me of waiting anxiously for the clock to strike midnight, particularly on my birthday. It reminds me of my friend RaeChelle always sending me a text or calling me at exactly midnight to make sure she is the first person to tell me "Happy Birthday." This haiku also takes me to New Year's Eve, when everyone sits around for the clock to strike midnight. It's funny because everyone gets so excited for the clock to strike midnight, but when 12:01 comes around, the excitement is gone. Austyn

grandfather clock
how much time
have you told

Austyn Krueger (5)

tall and old
with important things to say
grandfather clock

sun rises
text from mom     did you take
your vitamins

Nicole Koch (4)

assigned reading
I fall asleep
in my book

pile of homework
     watching the clock
running out of time

Katelyn Rumph (2)

listening to the clock
when will class end

looking for the clock
into the final lap
the bell rings

Eli Cook

a shooting star—
misguided wish

Francesca Rios (5)

This one is reminiscent to when I was younger and used to believe in wishing. This also reminds me of a line in a musical “wishes come true not free.” When you are younger and you make a wish you don’t really realize what sort of repercussions of your wish could have. When you are older you can realize what you really wish for and want. Lexy

running clock
I sit and rest
while the others work

watching emails and
hoping for a snow day
time to go to class

first class cancelled
I brush my hair

Eve Greenwell (3)

hours of homework
       I play with the shavings
       from my pencil eraser

Katelyn Rumph (8)

I am a procrastinator. I always find a way to get distracted. Most of the time I distract myself with the homework itself. I will pay attention to the words on the page, my penmanship, and even how the paper wrinkles. That’s why I like this haiku. It shows just how easily it is to get distracted. How even the most boring things, like eraser shavings, can be more fun than the homework assigned. Even though I came to school for the subjects that I am studying, I can still get easily bored with the work. I can even be more excited by the pencil itself. Nic

I sit and wait
staring at numbers
tick tock

I watch
the clock
it refuses to move

Lexy Bieber (3)

hectic weekend
we miss . . .

Nicole Koch (4)

in the classroom
listening to the teacher
talk about her weekend

Alex Cardascio (3)

a sandlot
the simple things
no longer exist

Adam Peters (2)

listening to my parents
get into an argument
over what to eat

a grand ball
the tattooed woman

Adam Peters (3)

warm summer afternoon
a blessing from heaven
with Down syndrome

routine fly ball
God helps me
throw her out at home

after a late night
at the theatre
time for homework

lost child
in the theatre
I get him to relax

on the mound
with bases loaded
poker face

Nicole Koch (6)

true well being

Eve Greenwell (4)

racing against the clock
waiting for
the rest of my life

flickering candle
an early class
becomes my meditation

unpacked backpack
I haven't lived
in five days

Lexy Bieber (6)

I really like this Haiku because I can interpret it two ways, which I think is very cool. The first way that I initially interpreted it was that someone has unloaded all of the work from their backpack that they had done that week. They hadn’t lived in five days because they have been so preoccupied with all of the work. After looking at it for a bit, I also saw a man unpacking his vacation bag after a nice vacation on a beach somewhere. He hadn’t lived in five days because he felt like he was in heaven where he was and not it’s back to reality for him. Either way, I really like how this Haiku made me think. Adam

a pint of vanilla
post workout
cool down

Eve Greenwell (4)

I like this haiku because it is my exact feeling during class everyday after my workouts at the DISC. Also, I am dreading the coming lifting session after class everyday. I would really enjoy a pint of Ben and Jerry’s instead of my apple and my cliff bar. So I really enjoyed this haiku because the timing of when I read it. Eli

amber waves
the lake's surface
glows brightly

Kyler Fear (5)

I loved this haiku because of the sensory images that were associated with it. When I read this haiku, I thought of a sunset on a lake. Amber reminds me of a red-orange color, and that's usually one of the colors that is depicted in a sunset. I imagined the wind blowing on the surface and making the surface of the water billow slightly, which caused me to hear the water ebbing and flowing on the shore, and it also allowed me to hear the wind. I could see the sun setting and the water moving. I love sensory haiku, and this was the only one in the kukai that I enjoyed enough to be one of my favorites. Katelyn

love at first sight
cant keep my eyes off of you

Austyn Krueger (10)

I think that this one was one of my favorites because of the play on words. When you are reading this haiku, you don't think that it will end the way it does. I imagined a built up passion between two people, and all you could see was the girl slowly walking towards the screen, as if it was a commercial. When the view changed to what she ran for, it was a sandwich, kind of like the commercials for fast food. I loved the comedic aspect of it, and I think that's why it was one of my favorites during the kukai. Katelyn

I really enjoyed this haiku because of the third line. It made me laugh in class because it goes from talking about love at first sight to sandwich, which was really different. I had no idea that was the word that was going to be in the third line. It also made me hungry in class. Besides the third line, I enjoyed how the first two lines spoke about relationships. Neither person can keep their eyes off of the one they love most in this world. Alex

I really like the comedic effect that this haiku has. The haiku starts off making the reader think of a couple that just can’t stop looking at how beautiful the other person is, but the final line reveals that the true love is a sandwich. This is very true when people get hungry and they see food nearby. All they can focus on is the food and on how much they would love to have something to eat. Brandon

she is a book
that I can't put down

Adam Peters (12)

I really like this because I love to read. I love those books that you cannot put down that you get so wrapped up in and have to know every little thing about that you forget the real world for a moment. The first line and the last line basically contradict themselves. You can't put it down but it's unreadable. It's intriguing and a mystery and everyone loves a good mystery. I really like how the author took something as mundane as reading a book and translated it into his obsession for a girl. Fancesca

This was my favorite haiku for this Kukai. I just love how it flows together well and is contradictory in the way that he says the girl is like a book he can’t put down, yet she is unreadable. He is so intrigued by her, but he can’t read her because she is mysterious. I like it because it sounds like he is trying to solve the mystery of this girl. Nicole


Friday the thirteenth
crack an egg
double yolk

Austyn Krueger (5)

our feet overlap
so I know
you're still there

the first bite
to the core
red delicious

round and around
the crowd chants
blue smoke

to the fallen ladybug
I sing a requiem
lacrimosa dies illa

father and son at the ball game storm rages on

Brandon Januska (7)

Sunday morning
cold shower can't erase
last night's headache

Francesca Rios (7)

falling from grace
       as I try to walk
       snow on the ground

midnight snack
drinking chocolate milk
from the cocoa puffs

Eve Greenwell (2)

the dog droops its head
in the kennel

wind blown curls
I sink my feet
into the sand bar

brush my hair back
so I can see

turn on the lights
I check the shower curtain
for monsters

Katelyn Rumph (4)

will it fit?
200 shirts
for one small closet

five, six
I move across the floor
seven, eight

only one
I beg to see her

tell me everything
I want to be the authority
on your oddities

Lexy Bieber (3)

crossed arms
first time meeting
the parents

Nicole Koch (8)

Anyone who has ever dated someone long enough to meet their parents, this one makes a lot of sense. Anytime there is a first meeting, the parents are always trying to awkwardly get to know the date and telling their awkward dad jokes. When that happens, the child of the parents is always embarrassed, because of this side of the parents is coming out. But its never truly embarrassing because they are still your parents, but did they really just have to ask that? This haiku could also be about parents arguing in front of the date, which is not the side of your parents you want your date to see when you introduce your parents. Either way, it is very relatable. Nic

dancing in the rain
stuck in the mud

Eve Greenwell (6)

I'll wait for you
on the ground
I know you want me to

Lexy Bieber (2)

I remember how you
treated her

first date
asking why
I just said that

Alex Cardascio (5)

This haiku is very easy for me to connect to. People constantly say things that they do not mean when they are with someone that they like. Since it is a first date, they are probably nervous, so they are not completely thinking before they speak. One of them said something that they regret and now they are frightened to see how the other person reacts to the situation. Brandon

loosing faith
yet praising Him daily
Kyrie eleison

Nic Sanders (4)

in the choir
every Sunday . . .
an angel

her hand
and mine
Our Father

Eli Cook (4)

the communion plate is passed
a symphony of coughs

I lay in bed
to be only yours

forced to cover
the bruises on my body
his love for me

Francesca Rios (8)

This poem is very depressing and scary. I think this gives a picture into the abused’s mind. I think this poem would be even more effective if it read: “forced to cover/his love for me/bruises on my body.” I think this could give an even clearer picture into the mind of someone who is being abused. It shows the different way people show “love.” Also you can picture the bruises and the clothing required to cover them. Lexy


hand on my thigh
I hear only
my heart

no looking back
I swim beyond the shores
to the ends of the earth

Kendall Kott (5)

This haiku has really good imagery. I just see a girl who has so much pain that she needs to get away and what better way to do that than to just start over and leave it all behind her without looking back. I like that it also seems as a stress reliever. She's swimming to release all of her worry so it's like a huge weight lifted off her shoulders. I also like the end line. I think "the end of the earth" is kind of a double meaning. You have her swimming to the end she's done she's going until she can't stop. Then you think oh the earth is round, there is no end of the earth so she's basically just swimming forever. Fancesca

This haiku takes me to almost another world entirely. I imagine one of those imaginary photographs where the planets and ocean seem to meet as one. It really makes me imagine just how vast this world and our universe is. It makes me feel like an ant compared to everything else. Kyler

good morning kiss
walking alone
to my next class

Kyler Fear (2)

I imagined from this haiku my walk to my first class every day. I drive my girlfriend and I to school and both of us have 9 am classes but in different buildings. We have a point where we each stop at and say goodbye to one another and the walk from there is just boring. I wish both of us had a class in the same building together because it would be a much more enjoyable walk. Alex

Of course I have to go back to my girlfriend. I send her a good morning text every single morning with an attached kissy face emoji and she sends me one right back. That’s my good morning kiss with my girlfriend before we go back to our long distance relationship and do our daily activities alone before our phone call every night at 10 pm. Eli

holding my hand
as we walk down the aisle—
man and wife

Katelyn Rumph (2)

crisp autumn air
the smell of burning wood
sticks to my skin

Francesca Rios (6)

suitcase in the foyer
I overhear
the end of our home

Francesca Rios (3)

boy friend
the small space
that is the friend zone

Francesca Rios (9)

I like this one because it has a pun and play on words with the phrase ‘boy friend’. Boyfriend as one word means a guy in a relationship, but this boy is just a friend who is stuck in the friend zone. It is funny because the small space between the two words is what separates his title from being her lover, but he is not. The haiku is well written to give it the meaning of that funny pun. It also is just entertaining to read because I feel like that is relatable for a lot of people. Being in the friend zone is an awkward feeling and position to be in, and often people don’t know where their relationship stands. The small space the poem refers to is almost like a reference to walking that thin line on the border between ‘friends’ and ‘something more’. Kendall

This is one of my favorite Haiku yet because of the way Kendall noticed its format. She pointed out the gap between “boy” and “friend” that I didn’t even notice at first. I’m still really impressed at how clever this is, and I also like the format overall. It’s such a simple concept, as there is such a small space in the friend zone. The words also form a type of stair-case look. It may not have been intentional, but this could be a symbol of someone trying to “climb” out of the friend zone. Adam

This was my other favorite haiku. I love how boyfriend is separated into two words by a “small space,” and that small space is the friend zone. This was a genius haiku because it is clever and true. I also thought the lines were put together nicely and flowed smoothly. Very well done! Nicole

blood smeared lip
I should have hid
his bottle of scotch

Francesca Rios (6)

our anniversary
I never imagined
us being together this long

we snuggle under the blanket
hours upon hours
of talking

laughing in bed
we recreate romantic scenes
from the movies

Nic Sanders (5)

rain falling
he kisses me
under the streetlights

Kendall Kott (4)

lying in bed
my phone illuminates my face
long distant relationship

long country road
our song on the radio
his smell lingers on the seats

Francesca Rios (7)

This haiku spoke to me on so many different levels. First of all, the imagery is amazing. I love the image of the long road, winding around in all sorts of directions. That reminds me of times when my friends and I will just get in the car and drive around aimlessly, not having a destination. That is always the most fun. When I read this haiku, I can picture the road, and hear the radio in the background. I can even smell the scent of a boy’s perfume, as it says his smell lingers on the seats. This haiku actually reminded me of a scene from the movie The Last Song, which is a movie about a summer romance between two teenagers. I picture the girl sitting in the back of the pick-up truck, singing along to the radio as the boy sits in the front seat, relaxing. This haiku has a carefree tone to it, but ends in a sort of bitter way. The fact that the smell lingers means he is no longer there, so then the reader starts to question why. Did they break up? Did he leave? It was very thought provoking and I enjoyed that part of it. Kendall

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