Haiku Kukai 3

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2015

trying to refrain
from wiping my forehead
Ash Wednesday

funeral procession
they lead us
on top of graves

shit . . .
I gave up swearing
for Lent

in the dentist chair
I wait for
my free toothbrush

tv on mute
I recite every line
of Avengers

end of the day
I do a double take
in the mirror

scent of perfume
lingers on his suit
it's not mine

went to see a movie
fifty shades
            of awkward

alone at night
the refrigerator hum
my enemy

strung too tight
have to readjust my—

in the driveway
I notice
he puts his ring back on

as I take a drag
the cigarette
fights me

two men
in love with a third
Jack Daniel's

hours in the library
for an audition
over in a minute

Beethoven on the radio
the quiet kid
gives a private lecture

Christmas dinner
late arrival
but it isn't him

endless steaming
I spend hours in bed
watching Netflix

hot and sweaty
out of breath
Shilling stairs

folding clothes
she tries to be cute
I only see wrinkles

lying in bed
watching movies
with my Valentine

back and forth
we discuss bedtime
over pingpong

the man bleeds
from his wound
Cupid's arrow

part time lover
full time husband
the other man

my only fan
hangs from the ceiling

I want to go home . . .
mom says
but you are home

sunny day
I go outside
to go to work

crack of the gun
elbows fly
only 14 more laps

feeling defeated
I look up to the picture
He already won the war

back in the Millibubble
I rub the M
for good luck

President wears
his blue hat
ah, there you are Millikin

my memories
of being a kid
on the wall

long lost friend
we embrace
for a lost friend

another month
another pregnancy test
in the garbage can

lamp shakes
who says
ghosts don't exist

in the crowd
faces I never saw
until graduation today

the small curl off the L
I recognize her handwriting
to another man

lazy Sunday






hushed whispers
the old couple
says goodnight

one dozen roses—
a surprise for

a bunch of men
arguing in a basement
college fraternity

restricted to the stands
I now watch
my son

child’s embrace
I need him
more than he needs me

Saturday morning
I become the DJ
of my hallway

Summer's song
the motor putts lazily
across the water

I can't love anyone
more than them

my pink card to you
is hung on your fraternity wall
no jokes are made

country guitar
sacrificing the radio
to the girl I love

the fireworks
up in the sky
I grab her hand

all the deltas
in the living room

my dog likes to run

long list of to-do's
she's asleep for my call
Happy Birthday

brisk night
sometimes I wonder
what the heck am I doing with my life?

empty church
the memory of Bach
trough broken stained glass

for water to boil
kitchen choreography

© 2015, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.