Haiku Attempts 4

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2015

spring break is here
get the

spring baseball
I get to play
next year

March 1st
I open the last
Christmas chocolate

I hold on
to your hand
until you board the plane

fast break
he jumps
in the ocean

cold wind wafts
the smell of cherry and feces
port a potty

playing in the yard
with my friends

foolish children
walking on water
frightened by a breeze

calm breeze
no waves
jet skis

class after lunch
I catch my head
in free fall

seasons change
you remember
the first time

City of Lights
the weight of love
knocks down a bridge

anything can be

watching tv
leaning on you
sleepy Saturday

glossy eyes
hoping to find you
outside your casket

the pause
between her words

two butterflies pass by
she wonders if
she should say yes

arguing with my sister
about who broke
the lamp

a foot of snow
not enough
for a snow day

bus ride
I find myself
watching the corn

crowded room
loud music
I just want to sleep

looking out
the window . . .
more snow

snow dusted over the lake
the clouds

glass on glass
the young boys battle
with their marbles

sun sets
        Decatur becomes
a snowglobe

first sled
speeding down the hill
face plant

two hearts
t ogether as one
go fish

bouncing ball
two floors down
she complains

wurtzite boron nitride
fading pink of her wrist

favorite game
they fight
       over a pawn

walking to class
through the wind and snow
sign says class is cancelled

summer night
      talking about
what was

Saturday night
the girl loses herself
in her future

on the canvas
my morning view

Saturday night
I catch up . . .
on my sleep

my heart races
as I watch him look
at another woman

memories fading
she asks
her child's name

she plays
with him in mind
funeral time

unable to face
the flowers in her home
no solace after death

buzzer sounds
the crowd
does not exist









catching the ball
my teammate calls
I'm open

taking advice
from a gum wrapper

last second shot
the crowd

lost in time
I find my self the youngest
at the concert

rearview mirror
a town
no friends left

high hopes for the weekend
four games
four losses

five seven five
the origin
of my trust issues

just a spoonful of Nutella
makes the loneliness
go down

can't see Him
but I can feel
the wind

asking around
to find what you have

a kiss
I remember
how it used to be

a smile escapes
she steals
her little brother's pacifier

holding him
for the first time
a mother's embrace

red lips
she calls him
to tuck her in . . .

he strokes her
the brush moving
carefully across the canvas

strong hug
from a frail frame
Sunday at grandma's

monkey see, monkey do
my young cousin
watches me intently

angel food cake
bought at the store
I am now an adult

table for two
conversation over

holding my hand
we sit in the diner
in silence

step onto the stage
spotlight hits my face
     ready to shine

riding our bikes
my best friend and I

chemisty homework
I read the assignment
one more time


debits and credits
school sports friends homework sleep laundry

© 2015, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.