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Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2015

spring break is here
get the

Austyn Krueger (5)

I really liked the word placement of this haiku. Indenting the word sled made it seem like you are sliding down a hill and this helps me visualize the haiku. This is also very relatable because spring break is almost here, but there is still snow on the ground and a chance that we could get more snow over spring break. Brandon

I like this haiku because of the placement of the word sled. It looks like it's all the way down the hill, and you have to go pick it up and then carry it back up the hill. Also, it's kind of funny how in Illinois we still have to deal with winter weather over spring break. I laughed aloud when I read it because it's so true. That's just how it goes in the Midwest. Nicole

spring baseball
I get to play
next year

Adam Peters

March 1st
I open the last
Christmas chocolate

I hold on
to your hand
until you board the plane

fast break
he jumps
in the ocean

Adam Peters (3)

cold wind wafts
the smell of cherry and feces
port a potty

Nicole Koch (2)

playing in the yard
with my friends

Alex Cardascio (4)

foolish children
walking on water
frightened by a breeze

calm breeze
no waves
jet skis

class after lunch
I catch my head
in free fall

Nicole Koch (6)

seasons change
you remember
the first time

Lexy Bieber (2)

I like this haiku because it is so open-ended yet has a simple way to connect many readers. I thought of the poem talking about lovers who started dating in the summer, and as the seasons change from spring to summer, the girl remembers the first time she started talking to her lover, the first time they went on a date, and the first time they kissed. She remembers every first time an occasion that was special in their relationship. I enjoy the simplicity of this haiku an I like the interpretation I took on it, because it gives me a good escape to look nostalgically back on special moments in my life. Kendall

City of Lights
the weight of love
knocks down a bridge

Francesca Rios (9)

I loved this haiku. When I was in Paris I thought the locks on the Eiffel Tower (I never saw them on the bridge) were absolutely beautiful and hoped one day to go back with someone to hang a lock of my own. It is sad how they have to cut off all the locks because the bridge is about to fall down. All those locks represent someone's love and someone's memories and it is sad that they have to be cut off. However it is also a beautiful picture that the weight of love is so heavy and strong that it is about to cause a bridge to fall down. It is also an slightly surprising ending, but it makes sense if you know the story. I like that the weight of love would normally be compared to something good, but it surprises you with something that doesn't at first seem positive. Eve

This was one of my favorites because I loved the imagery of the locks on the bridge weighing it down to the point of knocking it down. It was a great play on words, and I instantly loved it when I read it. Nicole

anything can be

Nicole Koch (6)

watching tv
leaning on you
sleepy Saturday

Lexy Bieber (2)

glossy eyes
hoping to find you
outside your casket

Francesca Rios (6)

I like this one because it of the imagery and false hope. Funerals are all about rembereing the person’s life, therefore it’s natural to feel a longing for the person despite knowing that they are gone. I also like this one because of the vagueness of the glossy eyes. The eyes could be that of the narrator cry about the loss of a friend, but it also could be the glossy eyes of the person in the casket. You don’t usually see the eyes of the deceased, but it still is good imagery either way. Nic

the pause
between her words

Nicholas Sanders (6)

two butterflies pass by
she wonders if
she should say yes

Nicole Koch

Although I didn't bring this one up in class I actually really like it. I thought the use of butterflies is really clever here. I think everyone's go to is actual butterflies in the park or outside or wherever she is, initially I thought that, until I read the last line and then it shifted and I think it meant that there's butterflies in her stomach. This huge moment defines the rest of her life and she's thinking and thinking and the butterflies pass and she realizes her answer. Francesca

arguing with my sister
about who broke
the lamp

a foot of snow
not enough
for a snow day

bus ride
I find myself
watching the corn

Adam Peters (7)

I love long car rides, and unlike most people I don't mind looking at nothing but green corn stalks and blue skies. I like the time of peace, just staring out the window and letting my mind wander. Those are the feelings this haiku brings to mind, feelings of  peace, contentment, and maybe contemplation. This reminds me of school trips and bus rides to softball games, especially softball. On my softball team in high school I didn't really talk to anyone so on bus rides I just put in my ear buds and listened to music while I stared at the corn fields. I enjoyed those times. This haiku brings back good memories, but it also really makes me want to go on a road trip. Eve

crowded room
loud music
I just want to sleep

looking out
the window . . .
more snow

snow dusted over the lake
the clouds

Eve Greenwell (3)

glass on glass
the young boys battle
with their marbles

sun sets
        Decatur becomes
a snowglobe

Austyn Krueger (6)

This one is such a simply beautiful haiku. The colors painting in this are so vivid, yet the haiku mentions nothing about colors. Down town Decatur is a beautiful place, yet seeing it under snow and a setting sun just makes the beautiful place sublime. I can just see the falling snow coving the brick roads, lit by the orange and red of the setting sun. A simply beautiful picture. Nic

first sled
speeding down the hill
face plant

two hearts
together as one
go fish

Eli Cook (6)

bouncing ball
two floors down
she complains

Adam Peters

Adam wrote this haiku about me, because after the day we played mini basketball, I took the hoop back to my room and got my hoop on. Naturally, my fun was short­lived because someone from 2 floors down (a FYEM no less) heard my ballin' and proceeded up to my door to complain about the noise I was making. Eli

wurtzite boron nitride
fading pink of her wrist

Francesca Rios (4)

favorite game
they fight
       over a pawn

walking to class
through the wind and snow
sign says class is cancelled

summer night
      talking about
what was

Austyn Krueger (4)

Saturday night
the girl loses herself
in her future

Francesca Rios (3)

I wrote a similar Haiku to this one, and it's really the same idea. I picture a drunk college girl getting home for the night, and she begins to deeply contemplate her life as the buzz fades away. It's always funny to listen to drunk conversations because people are so open, and I picture this girl expressing her fear of the future. I see she has fear about it because of the time of day. If she is concerned about her future on a Saturday night, then she must really be concerned about it. I enjoyed this Haiku, and I can relate to it, as well. Adam

on the canvas
my morning view

Katelyn Rumph (7)

I really like this Haiku because of its colorful imagery. I see someone opening up their windows on a summer morning on a beach to see the sunrise over the ocean. That would be such a cool image to live, and it's a very cool picture in my head. I believe that the character in this Haiku is actively painting this sunrise, which I find neat because he or she is able to enjoy the sunrise and also record it in a classic way, such as a painting rather than just an Iphone picture. Overall this Haiku was very simple, and it expressed some great imagery in the seven words that it took to create. Adam

I don't picture this being about an actual painting. I picture the canvas being the sky and the window frames the canvas. Even if it was about an actual painting, I would love to wake up that way. Morning is so stressful to me, this seems like a wonderful way to wake up, it puts me at ease. Lexy

Saturday night
I catch up . . .
on my sleep

my heart races
as I watch him look
at another woman

Katelyn Rumph (4)

memories fading
she asks
her child's name

Kendall Kott (9)

This haiku reminds me of my grandma. When I was around 7 or 8, my grandma had Alzheimer's. She had it so severely that she could not even speak anymore. When she was very sick, my mother and I would spend hours with her just trying to comfort one another and make sure my gradma was as comfortable as possible. There was a point where we had not heard her speak in years, and she randomly looked at my mom one day and said "my baby." It was the creepiest thing that I have ever seen. It was like suddenly she recognized my mom as her child, even though she had been oblivious to this fact for so long. It was definitely one of the coolest things I have ever witnessed, and this haiku reminded me of it. Austyn

I really like this because it has a really strong emotional tie. I think a huge fear for us particularly is one day our mother is going to look at us and not recognize us. That scares me just thinking about it. You see a woman who is barely hanging on, and today happens to be a day where she cannot remember her child. I just see a lot of pain in this haiku, and it really made me stop to think about it. Francesca

she plays
with him in mind
funeral time

Kendall Kott (4)

unable to face
the flowers in her home
no solace after death

buzzer sounds
the crowd
does not exist

catching the ball
my teammate calls
I'm open

taking advice
from a gum wrapper

Nicole Koch (4)

last second shot
the crowd

lost in time
I find my self the youngest
at the concert

rearview mirror
a town
no friends left

high hopes for the weekend
four games
four losses

five seven five
the origin
of my trust issues

Eli Cook (10)

When I read this haiku, I immediately pictured myself in high school trying to write a haiku for a poetry booklet or project. I would be struggling so much to come up with a haiku that fit the pattern of five seven five. After awhile, I would just give up and put a haiku on the paper that fit the scheme and mostly made sense. Now that I am taking Honors Global Haiku, I know that haiku does not have to be in a five seven five pattern and that makes it easier to write without having to count syllables all day. Alex

I liked this haiku because of the humor in it. I am also able to connect with this haiku because going through school, all of my teachers told me that haiku had to be five, seven, five. Prior to taking this class, I never knew that haiku could be written using a different format, so it feels like I was being lied to all this time about how to write haiku. Brandon

I liked this haiku because it made me laugh. I always like the ones that make me laugh, but this one also related to me as well. When we started this semester, we were told that haiku weren't necessarily supposed to be written in the five seven five format that we were all told was the right way in elementary school. I was so heartbroken because I'm so used to using that as the basis for haiku writing. Therefore, I relate to this haiku, as well as it being a haiku that made me smile. Katelyn

just a spoonful of Nutella
makes the loneliness
go down

Nicole Koch (3)

can't see Him
but I can feel
the wind

Kendall Kott (5)

I really liked this haiku because like mentioned in class, it reminded me of one of my favorite movies. In A Walk to Remember, a woman who has cancer doesn't have much time to live, so she creates a bucket list in which her boyfriend does whatever he can to make all of her bucket list goals come true. She tells him to believe in God, and that's what this reminded me of. That movie makes me cry every single time I watch it, and I really enjoyed this haiku when I read it because of the wonderful movie it comes from. Katelyn

asking around
to find what you have

a kiss
I remember
how it used to be

Lexy Bieber (3)

a smile escapes
she steals
her little brother's pacifier

Francesca Rios (2)

I enjoy this haiku because it has an element of surprise at the end. When I first read it, it is talking about a girl who smiles and is 'stealing' something. I thought this was a sneaky, sly smile. After reading the whole haiku, I sense a playful, enjoyable tone and mood. This could be talking about a young girl who is playing with her brother, trying to make him laugh or smile. I like that reading because it is joyful and makes me laugh as I picture a cute baby smiling with its chubby cheeks. I like how carefree this haiku is. Kendall

holding him
for the first time
a mother's embrace

red lips
she calls him
to tuck her in . . .

Kendall Kott (6)

I really like this one because the first two lines set the scene completely different than what you get by the end of it. Our group really focused on that really big twist and I really like how this was one. You think this is about to be about a woman who is going out, she has on red lipstick and she's about to call him up either on the phone or maybe she's calling to him from across the room, but then the last line is read and your entire setting and everything changes. Suddenly I saw a little girl who just convinced her dad to give her a cherry popsicle before bedtime. He sends her to her room but she's calling for him because he hasn't tucked her in yet. Francesca

he strokes her
the brush moving
carefully across the canvas

Kendall Kott (8)

strong hug
from a frail frame
Sunday at grandma's

Kyler Fear (10)

I imagined myself spending the weekend at my grandparent's house. It would have been a great weekend with my grandparents and I having tons of fun together. We would have gone out to eat to our favorite restaurant and went to get ice cream afterwards. I would ride around the farm on my grandparents golf cart like a race car driver. Then, it would be Sunday afternoon and I would have to leave to go back home. I would give both my grandparents hugs and would be surprised at the strength of their hugs because of how old and frail they are. Overall, this haiku brought back so many memories of going to my grandparents. Alex

monkey see, monkey do
my young cousin
watches me intently

angel food cake
bought at the store
I am now an adult

Nicholas Sanders (3)

table for two
conversation over

Lexy Bieber (2)

This haiku reminds me of my current life. It seems like all social gatherings I go to are either to work on homework, or homework ends up getting discussed at some point. It is crazy how when you transition into being a college student, your work load becomes so much more. When you are in a community of primarily students, there are three primary subjects that are unavoidable to talk about: homework, tests, and studying. No matter what day of the week it is, there is almost a guarantee that one of these subjects will be a part of your daily conversation. Austyn

holding my hand
we sit in the diner
in silence

Katelyn Rumph

I like the repetition of the word in, meaning two slightly different things. I think this could go two ways. Either these people are very comfortable with each other and feel no need to chat, or they have just experienced something horrible and now they can't talk. Either way these two people are supporting each other and loving each other, even if it is the end of their relationship. Lexy

step onto the stage
spotlight hits my face
     ready to shine

riding our bikes
my best friend and I

chemisty homework
I read the assignment
one more time

Eve Greenwell (2)


debits and credits
school sports friends homework sleep laundry

Eli Cook (9)

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