Spring Break Kukai 5

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2015

early bird gets the worm
the grandmas get
the seashells

out of breath
she moans
"It's a boy"

Friday the 13th
what could possibly
go wrong?

plane aimlessly going
through the clouds
lost in thought

phone call ends
remembering one last thing
I needed to say

spring break romance
chicken wings and Netflix

through the drive thru window

window seat
I realize
how small we are

on the other side
of the party
I'm jealous

he goes on vacation

broken glass
my mom sits us down
. . . dad's moving out

business trip
a child
along for the ride

impromptu road trip
we find a new
favorite restaurant

phone with mom
the symphony of my former life
         in the background

spring break . . .
time to announce
the summer musical

spring break
falling more
for you

a balloon soars
         of a child

crowded beaches
loud parties
on snapchat

walking in the cold
you couple off
under a gray sky

don't count your chickens
before the hatch

putting one foot
in front of the other

every morning
greeted by the same face
in the mirror

spring breeze
softball team sits
and compares bruises

dogs barking
     kids screaming
home at last

2 mirrors
5 girls
1 hour to get ready

the refrigerator closes
the light turns off

late night drive home
waiting for the stop sign
to turn green

spring break
check marks
on the to-do list

dance floor
he tries to talk to me
"I'm a germaphobe"

shaking my head
at the little man
inside the traffic light

sunlight opens my eyes
I don't remember
how I got here

waves crashing
your hand slips
below the surface

15 seconds
big decisions     not enough time
next episode begins

out with the old
in with the new—
yard sale

running through the park
I feel the cool breeze
on my sweaty forehead

footprints in the sand
I trace the steps
into the ocean

crowded beach
two strangers
shotgun a beer







raised voices
momma says "get out"
my sister turns on a movie

classes start soon
can I just stay
home forever?

soap opera
I have to give up
the remote

longing to see him
I watch the stars
cool misty wind

point shoes flutter
in unison
bouree bouree bouree

beads around my neck
from the boy I had to kiss

day turns to night
night turns to day
spring break time

hanging from
the tree
my sins

walking into my house
no one is home
besides my dog

she sits quietly
I watch her
pluck the petals off

in their multitude
lighting up the night sky

lazy week
of doing nothing
no regrets

two mice
I wait in line
to meet the couple

sun beating
my skin sticky
from the cotton candy

the robins rock outside my window

we are breaking (I long for yesterday) up

princess movie marathon
one day my prince
may come

sunset over the waves—
I never want to leave

two thin pieces
of cloth
the only barrier between us

a couple arguing
with me as witness
on Bridal Path

girlfriend visiting
with school canceled
we feel married

spring rain
best night's sleep
all year

hometown blues
I drive around
to escape my boredom

warm wind
I sit back

walking alone
on the path never taken
cherry blossoms

I lay out
     on my couch

10 a.m. class
how did I do it
in high school

hair raising on my neck
the song
played at his funeral

home by midnight
door opens . . .

empty gas tank
no money
spring break

she says it's
no one's fault
we haven't spoken in a month

three hour drive     alone
cell signal lost
I become an adult

visiting Grandma
$50 way too much
to rent a movie . . .

going golfing
with my dad
spring break tradition

Dustin Lynch
points at the crowd
girls scream

on the beach
I feel

one day off in Florida
coach says
only one hour in the sun

in the nose-bleed
looking for a
front row seat

crack of the bat
I know it's going over . . .

head down
I walk
snow in my hair

© 2015, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.