Spring Break Kukai 5 Favorites

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2015

early bird gets the worm
the grandmas get
the seashells

Nicole Koch (3)

I like this one because of the playful imagery. I also like how it makes the grandmas seem like a swarm of birds. At least that is what I see. I see a bunch of grandmas going out at the sunrise and swarm out to gather seashells. They do not talk to each other, but rather only make loud, warning noises whenever a rival grandma tries to take the coveted seashell. Again, at least that is what I see. Nic

out of breath
she moans
"It's a boy"

Adam Peters (3)

Friday the 13th
what could possibly
go wrong?

Alex Cardascio (2)

plane aimlessly going
through the clouds
lost in thought

Nicole Koch (3)

This one is just a perfect spring haiku. I can imagine walking outside to do something simple such as getting the mail then looking up at the sky and seeing the plane. When I see it, I forgot the task and just get lost in the fun and trivial thoughts in my head. I can see myself thinking about all the technology man has created and seeing that there are a bunch of flying people in the sky, a bus of flying people going in and out of clouds. It sounds like a silly fiction story, yet we’ve been doing it for almost a century now… Nic

phone call ends
remembering one last thing
I needed to say

Nic Sanders (10)

This haiku is very easy for me to connect to. I constantly have conversations with people and then later think of things that I wanted to tell them. People always seem to forget something when they call someone, but once they hang up they can remember. Then, they have to decide if it is worth calling back or if it can wait, but then they also risk forgetting again the next time too. Brandon

spring break romance
chicken wings and Netflix

Eve Greenwell (3)

through the drive thru window

window seat
I realize
how small we are

I think this haiku needs born! I really enjoy the simplicity of it and I really think it appeals to human nature. We are always fascinated by things larger than us, but in our day-to-day routine we rarely get a glimpse of anything significantly larger than us but when we travel we really get exposed to a larger world. Eli

on the other side
of the party
I'm jealous

Adam Peters (2)

he goes on vacation

Austyn Krueger (3)

broken glass
my mom sits us down
. . . dad's moving out

Francesca Rios (4)

business trip
a child
along for the ride

impromptu road trip
we find a new
favorite restaurant

Nic Sanders (4)

I liked this haiku because I love road trips, no matter how long. This haiku is interesting to me though because I am never brave enough to drop into any random restaurant and just try it out, I always go to some place I have been or at least heard of. This haiku kind of challenges me to be a little braver next time and try out the unknown, maybe I will find a new favorite restaurant or something else interesting. Also I love the word "impromptu" in this haiku, it makes it so much more fun. The reader can sense that caught up in the moment feeling and excitement when you decide to just follow your impulses and just have fun enjoying life. Eve

I really enjoyed this haiku because it made me imagine all of the different places I try when I go on vacation with my family. As a family, we enjoy trying different restaurants that we do not have close to home because we want to try new food and get a taste of the area. Every once in awhile we will stop at a place that serves excellent food that we all enjoy as a family and wish that we had back home. It is a great accomplishment when we find a place like this that we can recommend to others when they go there. Alex

phone with mom
the symphony of my former life
         in the background

Austyn Krueger (6)

spring break . . .
time to announce
the summer musical

spring break
falling more
for you

Nic Sanders (2)

I enjoyed this haiku because my interpretation that I took on it was very different from the one brought up in class. I took this poem as literally meaning that this person was falling in love with spring break. The more time spent on break, the more this person enjoyed resting and being wherever they were, whether it was luxuriously on the beach or happily at home. However, now that I reread this haiku, I understand it could be talking about a person. Perhaps they met someone over break, and with each day they begin to like them more and more. I like that this mood is happy and hopeful, not knowing what is to come but feeling at peace in the moment. Kendall

a balloon soars
         of a child

Austyn Krueger (6)

crowded beaches
loud parties

Austyn Krueger (4)

walking in the cold
you couple off
under a gray sky

don't count your chickens
before they hatch

Lexy Bieber (2)

putting one foot
in front of the other

Eli Cook

every morning
greeted by the same face
in the mirror

Eve Greenwell (4)

I liked this haiku because it had the element of surprise in the last line. I didn't know that the face from each morning greeting would be your own face. When I read it, I pictured my dog coming to lick my face and wake me up, like he does every morning. After reading that it was the face in the mirror, I think the haiku became more playful. It makes me a picture a grumpy old man waking up to stare at his old face in the mirror, not wanting to look at it. This haiku is clever and has simple language, yet a complex thought and interpretation open to it. Kendall

spring breeze
softball team sits
and compares bruises

Nicole Koch (3)

dogs barking
     kids screaming
home at last

2 mirrors
5 girls
1 hour to get ready

Francesca Rios (5)

I like the countdown effect in this haiku. This haiku reminded me of musicals at my high school. There were always more girls than mirrors in the dressing room, so they would all cram to get their hair and makeup done. Some would even come into the boys dressing room since we all had our own mirror. Brandon

I like this haiku because it reminds me of my sorority house. There are so many girls living in one place, and when we all decide to get ready around the same time (usually on Friday or Saturday nights) things tend to get a bit frantic. Although I do not appreciate it much right now, I think when I look back, I will be fortunate for the amount of memories I have made simply by just getting ready. Austyn


the refrigerator closes
the light turns off

Eli Cook

I forgot to mention this one as one of my picks in class Tuesday. When I read this haiku I thought of a little child who just discovered the light switch in the fridge. I remember finding it myself and realizing that it turned the light off when the fridge was closed and I would always try and close the fridge just enough to turn the light off but still enough to see inside to make sure it was off. Obviously I was never successful. I just think this is a funny, playful haiku. I think its amusing to think of a child who doesn't trust the fridge, an inanimate object. Its full of curiosity and I really like it. Eve

late night drive home
waiting for the stop sign
to turn green

Eve Greenwell (8)

This was my other favorite haiku because I have done this before. I literally was stopped at the stop sign for about 30 seconds talking to my friend, and she just said, “You know this is a stop sign, right?” That was a funny moment. Nicole

This one reminded me of my memories while I was in high school. When I got my license, I was the only one in the house most of the time who had a car and a way to drive. My little sister wasn't old enough to drive yet, and being the big sister, I had to be her chauffer. One time I was went to pick her up at a friend's house at 2:00 in the morning because she wasn't feeling well. I was sitting at a stop sign for a long time, only to find out I thought it was a light. My sister makes fun of me for it to this day. This haiku triggered a memory, which in my opinion makes it a well written and good haiku. Katelyn

This haiku reminds me of a few weeks ago when I travelled to Dallas, Texas. We had to drive due to insufficient funds, and by the end of the weekend we were all so tired we were zombies. When we were driving through Oklahoma on the way back, we encountered an ice storm which made our drive about 3 hours longer. Unfortunately, I got the driving shift after the storm from about 9pm until we finally got home at 4am. By the time we got close to Decatur, this haiku describes the way I was feeling to a T. Austyn

spring break
check marks
on the to-do list

Eve Greenwell (5)

dance floor
he tries to talk to me
"I'm a germaphobe"

shaking my head
at the little man
inside the traffic light

Eli Cook (3)

sunlight opens my eyes
I don't remember
how I got here

Francesca Rios (2)

waves crashing
your hand slips
below the surface

Francesca Rios (2)

15 seconds
big decisions     not enough time
next episode begins

Eve Greenwell (5)

out with the old
in with the new—
yard sale

running through the park
I feel the cool breeze
on my sweaty forehead

Katelyn Rumph (3)

footprints in the sand
I trace the steps
into the ocean

Kendall Kott

I didn't comment on this one in class because I was unsure of if I liked it or not, but it definitely intrigued me. When I read it again, I saw this interesting picture and I really liked it. I see this woman trying to find somebody, and she's searching and searching. She sees the footprints in the sand and she's following them, but high tide came in and all of a sudden they disappear, and now she is just stuck right by the ocean with no more footprints to find what she is looking for. Francesca

crowded beach
two strangers
shotgun a beer

Francesca Rios

This Haiku was also funny to me because it is all that I saw on my SnapChat over Spring Break. Every ten minutes I would see a different friend chugging a beer with a person I know they didn't know. That's the carefree nature of Spring Break though, and I love it. You don't have to like drinking to enjoy it, too. You can easily just go chill on the beach, and everyone is so cool—even strangers. Adam

raised voices
momma says "get out"
my sister turns on a movie

classes start soon
can I just stay
home forever?

Katelyn Rumph

This haiku brought back all of the feelings I had while I was away on spring break. I enjoyed not having to do homework each night of the week as well as spend three hours in a lab. I could just relax and have no worries about schoolwork. I had a blast going to different places and I got to see venues that I would have never got the chance to see if I was still at school. Overall, it made me wish that I was still on spring break. Alex

soap opera
I have to give up
the remote

Brandon Januska

longing to see him
I watch the stars
cool misty wind

Nicole Koch (3)

point shoes flutter
in unison
bouree bouree bouree

beads around my neck
from the boy I had to kiss

Francesca Rios (4)

day turns to night
night turns to day
spring break time

hanging from
the tree
my sins

Kyler Fear (6)

walking into my house
no one is home
besides my dog

she sits quietly
I watch her
pluck the petals off

Kendall Kott (3)

in their multitude
lighting up the night sky

Kendall Kott

I liked this haiku because it brought out a lot of sensory images for me. When I think of watching the stars, I think of late summer nights with my best friends and my sister. We would sit in the backyard, on our trampoline when we had one, and we would stare at the stars while we talked until the sunrise in the morning. I could feel the slightly cool air on my skin, as well as I could feel the material of the trampoline rub against the backs of my arms as I laid down. I could smell the summer air, which was warm and inviting, and I could hear crickets and the occasional airplane, since I lived by the airport in Saint Louis. This haiku kind of made me excited for summer, so I thought it was interesting and one of my favorites. Katelyn

lazy week
of doing nothing
no regrets

Kyler Fear (4)

two mice
I wait in line
to meet the couple

Kendall Kott (2)

sun beating
my skin sticky
from the cotton candy

the robins rock outside my window

we are breaking (I long for yesterday) up

Nic Sanders (5)

princess movie marathon
one day my prince
may come

Eve Greenwell (3)

sunset over the waves—
I never want to leave

Kendall Kott (4)

two thin pieces
of cloth
the only barrier between us

Lexy Bieber (6)

a couple arguing
with me as witness
on Bridal Path

girlfriend visiting
with school canceled
we feel married

Nic Sanders (4)

spring rain
best night's sleep
all year

hometown blues
I drive around
to escape my boredom

Nic Sanders

I really like this Haiku because I can easily relate to it. Decatur is my hometown, and it is notorious for having little to do for underage people. Of course, if you are 21 then you can go to any of the bars and have a good time, but if not, then you are basically out of luck, at least during the cold months. The problem is that the cold months seem to last all year, and only the summer seems to have anything to do. I have realized this in my time at Millikin—I haven't been able to keep myself occupied with fun things (not school, which occupies most of my time). I just thought this was funny because I can relate to it, and I'm sure a lot of people can, too. Adam

warm wind
I sit back

I really like this haiku because the spring weather has finally arrived and I can finally run without a shirt! Plus, I need to start exposing my white skin to the sun as a greater service to the people of Decatur who are exposed to my skimpy running attire. My tan will emerge soon enough. Eli

walking alone
on the path never taken
cherry blossoms

I lay out
     on my couch

Austyn Krueger (4)

10 a.m. class
how did I do it
in high school

Nic Sanders (4)

This was my favorite haiku because this is so true. I can barely get up for my 11 A.M. class, and we had to wake up at 7 A.M. every day for high school. I truly don’t understand how I used to do it. Nicole

hair raising on my neck
the song
played at his funeral

Nic Sanders (5)

I really like this haiku. I don't think it's as sad as what most people initially would read this. I see someone who just lost someone they loved, and it's not extremely recent but fairly a year or so and they're just out minding their own business and a song that was played at the funeral comes on. They stop and you get goosebumps, whether from the memory or from some supernatural other stuff it's up to own interpretation. I think I liked this one so much because it had the perfect amount of surprise in it. Francesca

home by midnight
door opens . . .

Austyn Krueger (2)

empty gas tank
no money
spring break

Lexy Bieber (3)

she says it's
no one's fault
we haven't spoken in a month

three hour drive     alone
cell signal lost
I become an adult

visiting Grandma
$50 way too much
to rent a movie . . .

Nic Sanders (4)

going golfing
with my dad
spring break tradition

Brandon Januska

Dustin Lynch
points at the crowd
girls scream

Alex Cardascio

on the beach
I feel

Adam Peters

one day off in Florida
coach says
only one hour in the sun

in the nose-bleed
looking for a
front row seat

Alex Cardascio (2)

crack of the bat
I know it's going over . . .

head down
I walk
snow in my hair

Adam Peters (2)

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