Haiku Kukai 6 Names

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2015

too quick to speak
I upset you

Lexy Bieber (3)

I go in for
a hug
I think it is him

ground pounding
that's when you know
it's true laughter

hand in hand
we walk past an old couple
that could be us

Nicole Koch

addicted to
cracking my knuckles
cherry blossoms

Nicole Koch (3)

up all night
8 A.M. class
the Walking Dead

wine and cheese
I cannot wait until
her next wedding

Nic Sanders (7)

with him gone
she pawns off
her gold band

Nic Sanders (6)

overgrown graveyard
broken tombstone reads
. . . but not forgotten

Nic Sanders (5)

a gravel driveway
the entrance to

in the graveyard
reading the tombstones
trying to not step on people

Alex Cardascio (6)

ordering my tombstone
in the background
my picture

thunder rumbles
raindrops begin to fall
on the drying clothes

Brandon Januska (7)

trout weaving
in and out
of sunlight

Brandon Januska (6)

the sun shines
upon the body
left on the side of the road

checking the deadline
for the assignment . . .
due yesterday

class cancelled
I now have time
to eat

he looks at the tombstone
his latest victim

Brandon Januska (6)

ice cream at a funeral
        she cries
        when it hits the floor

Austyn Krueger (9)

her grandpa's funeral
she asks
is it over yet

Austyn Krueger (4)

balloon animal's leg
becomes shriveled
she cries

assisted living
my mother asks me
when her daughter will visit

Francesca Rios (9)

lipstick stain
you tell me
she means nothing

Francesca Rios (4)

I watch the rain
streak down the window
          your suitcase in the hallway

walking down the street
I step in

Adam Peters (3)

her dance moves
are old school

Adam Peters (3)

smell of charcoal
I toss on
my winter coat

in the library
        teased by the blue sky

Austyn Krueger (3)

warm spring day
I wear
my old white dress

Austyn Krueger (5)

my first love
with his wife and kids
awkward reunion

Austyn Krueger (4)

appreciating the outdoor track
the wind is at my face

this looks
all too familiar
starting line

thanking God
for stair rails
leg day

Eli Cook (7)

salsa and cheese
on nachos and dad
Go Cardinals!

I catch my tongue
before it falls out
harsh words

Kyler Fear (3)

cobwebs across the top
I brush off the grave
to place flowers

Kendall Kott (7)

listening to a bath
I breathe deeply
and hope for sleep

radio playing
I find haiku
in the lyrics

Nic Sanders (4)

pulling the laptop out
for homework
how did Netflix come on?

sweat drips
from his forehead
he meets my dad and brother

Francesca Rios (4)

a rare smile
unable to laugh
after her brother's death

national hero—
an empty casket
below the new gravestone

Francesca Rios (6)

I brush off
the old dirt
        her tombstone

Austyn Krueger (2)

I wake up
with my hand in yours

glancing up
to watch
the swish of the baton

Brandon Januska (2)

my parents say
I can't have it
one hundred dollar doll

her arm moves
like a fast windmill—
strike three

I walk through
the graveyard
looking for my friends

Katelyn Rumph (6)

the only true love
I need

Kendall Kott (5)

silver circle
it lights my way
as I stroll at midnight

moonlit park
I run
from my thoughts

snow falling
on the tombstone
she always loved the winter

Eve Greenwell (8)

becoming a woman
with mom not around
awkward trip to the grocery store

hopping from stone to stone
the water
evaporating off my feet

Eve Greenwell (5)

fire drill
the boy who cried wolf

Eli Cook (5)

i ran outside in socks
into the rain
fire alarm

the main reason
to visit home

Eli Cook (5)

Grandparents Day at school
I receive
the dreaded phone call

on the school bus
after the game
prank phone call

Alex Cardascio (3)

four-wheeler stuck
two boys
cry for help

driving around town
the summer breeze
from the sunroof

Adam Peters (3)

glassy water
we make
a whirlpool of waves

Adam Peters (3)

long shower
I figure it all out

Adam Peters (4)

home at last
I sleep
on a couch

home for Christmas
I sleep
till New Years

Austyn Krueger (4)

hoarder's garage
he knows exactly
where the nails are

Austyn Krueger (7)

rich man
one last gloat
massive tombstone

a long drive
with Mother to the lake house
a snail's question


sidewalk chalk
after slip and slide

© 2015, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.