Haiku Kukai 7 - April Fools & Easter & Open Topic

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2015

rain shower
     the smell
          of dead fish

visiting grandma
praying that it is not
our last time together

lined up on the porch
one by one
smiling for the camera

you are always so good to me
I love you a whole latte
Carmel Macchiato

small loops
over the pond
fly fishing

grandma's secret recipe
my mom makes
me watch

under the
rickety floorboard
an old photo

home for break
my childhood bedroom
no longer mine

another pop
atop the surface

last piece of cake
should I take it
or leave it?

frsh wtr
trt ssn

crazy workout
I sweat
next to housewives


go to music
I do my homework

roommates out
finally we can
watch "New Girl"

debate surround me
OCD finger patterns
to calm my nerves

meeting the family
he forgot to mention
it was casual

date night
he surprises me with
a fort

initials and heart
engraved in the tree
are they still together?

her dress buttons
with each one
my heart beats faster

never go to bed angry
no wonder
I can't sleep

she tucks away
her baby's blanket—

one month to go
the stairs in Schilling
feel steeper

I make a wish
and close my eyes

first boating day
in the oil

red track
green turf
Big blue

spring flowers
in full bloom
          he loves me not

I swear
the wind stole
my homework

dark night settles
I sit on the porch
star gazing            in his eyes

in the rain
following my love

after dark
walking across campus

midnight thunder
we go outside
to watch the storm

listen to
     the mandolin rain
Spring lake's beauty

fire alarm
from the past

frigid wind
untarping the field
we find a crawfish

spring breeze
the doctor says
it's cancer

scratch it off
the bucket list

red light        green light
wondering why
you get to me

3 a.m. train
girlfriend won't accept
that she snores

spring breeze
can be so loud




chemistry exam
why can't you be easy
for once

thinking after the quiz
I totally messed up
number one

his friends laugh
as he hits the window
cawing crows

on the way home
remembering my uncle's
hilarious jokes

day            break
i awake
to his suicide note

farts were funny as kids
farts are still funny
at 21

demon dog
we became friends
over my right ulna

she hides her blemish
and her baby bump
graduation day

my daughter's new body
is my fault . . .
her first Barbie

new pants
she drops the lunch plate
ripped seam

empty coffee cup
crumbs in my book
        all nighter

after the storm
rain continues
under the tree

the smell of rain
a lone drop
taps me on the head

mitochondria and
ATP are important for . . .
Ooo, Squirrel!

Mother must be texting me

70 degrees
too much homework
thanks Millikin

desk lamp flickers
a girl dozing off
in the land of trigonometry

phone rings
my heart jumps
it's just mom


Saturday night
why does my phone
always text you

red lips
red dress
      kool aid in the summer

sudden urge
the pee off the seat
warms my leg

listening to the radio
with mom in the car
dirty song starts playing

class discussion
suddenly aware
of my facial hair

from 1200 miles
he comes to watch me
games canceled

the spring day
sticks to my skin
trees bloom

every pranksters'
April 1st

April First
i forgot to do my homework
no joke

warm weather
week long
April Fool's joke

my mom's panic
over her broken leg
April Fool's

April 2nd . . .
she's still

no warm-up
coach says I'm in
April Fool's?

crying to my counselor
I drop out of school
April fools!

saran wrap
covers the toilet
my next victim

Mom, you're going to be
a grandmother
April Fools!

April 1st
three tests
if only it was a joke

April Fool's day
I'm pregnant

April fools

© 2015, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.