Haiku Kukai 7 - April Fools & Easter & Open Topic

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2015

rain shower
     the smell
          of dead fish

visiting grandma
praying that it is not
our last time together

Brandon Januska (5)

I really enjoy this haiku because I can very easily relate to it. I have felt this feeling many times, and it's not always just with my grandparents. Everyone has heard the stories about regretting the last thing that they said to someone, and I hope that I never have to live with that regret. It is for this reason that I always try to make up with people quickly after an argument. It's sad, but you never really know the last time that you'll talk to someone. Adam

lined up on the porch
one by one
smiling for the camera

Eve Greenwell (4)

you are always so good to me
I love you a whole latte
Carmel Macchiato

Kendall Kott (6)

I like this haiku because it is so true. Whenever something like that happens during a presentation everyone tries to play if off like they didn't hear, but everyone still subtly looks back to see what happened. The person speaking usually becomes very uncomfortable and has to refocus to get the attention of the people again. Austyn

small loops
over the pond
fly fishing

grandma's secret recipe
my mom makes
me watch

under the
rickety floorboard
an old photo

Francesca Rios (4)

This is my favorite haiku from this kukai. I absolutely love the imagery of a rickety floorboard. It is perfectly worded and very simple, so it can be interpreted in many ways. Double-vote from me! Nicole

home for break
my childhood bedroom
no longer mine

Francesca Rios (2)

another pop
atop the surface

Eli Cook (4)

This was one of my other favorites of this kukai because it is playful, and the wording is well done. The turtle as the last line also adds that element of surprise because I wasn't expecting it. After reading it, I like how I can see turtles “popping” out of the water. It makes me think of all the small little things that make up nature. Nicole

last piece of cake
should I take it
or leave it?

frsh wtr
trt ssn

Eli Cook (3)

I like this haiku because it does not make any sense. The person who wrote it got rid of all of the vowels so the letters do not make words. I read it as “fresh water,” then I cannot figure out the “trt” but I think the rest is “season” then “pine.” I like the fact that I had to stare at the haiku to try to interpret it. Austyn

crazy workout
I sweat
next to housewives

Adam Peters (2)


Nicole Koch (5)

I love the format of this haiku. The way that phone drops off the line to signify the phone dropping is great! Kyler

go to music
I do my homework

Adam Peters (1)

roommates out
finally we can
watch "New Girl"

debate surround me
OCD finger patterns
to calm my nerves

meeting the family
he forgot to mention
it was casual

Nicole Koch (6)

date night
he surprises me with
a fort

Nicole Koch (2)

initials and heart
engraved in the tree
are they still together?

Nicole Koch (3)

her dress buttons
with each one
my heart beats faster

Kendall Kott (4)

never go to bed angry
no wonder
I can't sleep

Lexy Bieber (5)

This haiku caught my eye because I experienced it last night. After checking a grade of my most recent exam, I got really angry at myself. I was so mad I couldn't stop thinking about it, and it actually kept me from going to sleep for a bit. After a while, I chilled out and was able to get to bed, but I have definitely felt this before. It wasn't even an anger at the grade, but I was more angry about how I really didn't have time to study for it. Anyway, I could definitely relate to this one. Adam

I love this haiku because I find myself in this situation occasionally. If my girlfriend and I have a disagreement before bed then I always spend hours trying to figure out how to apologize or at least smooth the waters. Kyle

she tucks away
her baby's blanket—

Francesca Rios (12)

I liked this one a lot because it was really emotional to read. I know a few people who have had miscarriages and they want nothing more than to start their own family. When you first read it, you can almost assume that the haiku is talking about the baby growing up and that's why it's getting put away. But the end of the haiku is a huge twist in the story that it makes you think. That's why I liked this haiku. Katelyn

I really liked this haiku and picked it for my double vote because of the way the mood switches and leaves you with the surprise ending. The poem starts out sounding like a typical, peaceful mother. Moms are constantly cleaning up after their children. At first, this poem describes a mom quietly, calmly folding up her baby's blanket. Maybe it just woke up from a nap, so now she is folding things neatly. Or, perhaps her baby is no longer so little anymore and is a fully-grown kid who has decided he has outgrown his baby blanket. Maybe she is tucking it away for the next baby, or maybe she is putting it away for her kid to give their kid some day. I love how many interpretations there are. However, the last line hits a nerve and impacts you greatly as a reader—you learn there was a miscarriage involved. I like how the poem lets you imagine this whole story about this baby, because it gets your emotions involved and your hopes up for a sweet story, and then the last line hits like a dagger. The language is simply but the emotion is effective. It puts a peaceful yet somber tone to this haiku, which seems to be about daily routine and life but really is about death. Kendall

This one may not be subtle, but I like the wording in the first two lines. Tucks is the perfect word for this. She puts it out of sight so she doesn't need to see it. I like that the baby is still called her baby because even though the baby is not alive it is not any less her baby. Lexy

This haiku is super sad but really good and that's really all I have to say about it because it is just too dang sad. Eve

one month to go
the stairs in Schilling
feel steeper

Adam Peters (5)

This haiku is very easy to relate to. As the end of the school year approaches, everyone is ready for break and have to drag themselves to class each day. Having to walk up multiple flights of stairs to get to class when it is a beautiful day outside makes it very difficult to concentrate and it seems like there are more stairs than what there really are. Brandon

I close my eyes
make a wish

Austyn Krueger (1)

first boating day
in the oil

red track
green turf
Big blue

Eli Cook (3)

I like this haiku as well because each line has a different color in them, which makes it very visual. I picture a person running on the red track around the green turf for the Millikin Big Blue track team. It's short and simple but has a lot of color. Nicole

spring flowers
in full bloom
          he loves me not

Francesca Rios (2)

I swear
the wind stole
my homework

Eli Cook (1)

dark night settles
I sit on the porch
star gazing            in his eyes

Kendall Kott (2)

in the rain
following my love

Katelyn Rumph (4)

I love this haiku because my girlfriend is also a collegiate cross country and track runner. When we're together, we still have training to do so we run together. Rain or shine. Over Easter I paced one of her workouts because her workouts aren't too difficult for my to do so I can run it without too much stress. And it rained. I hope I'm her love. After all, she followed me… Eli

after dark
walking across campus

Eve Greenwell (4)

I really like this haiku as well because of the last line. Fireflies just make me think of summer, and I'm ready for it. It is well-worded and simple, yet descriptive enough to give you an image. Nicole

midnight thunder
we go outside
to watch the storm

Austyn Krueger (9)

I love going outside and watching storms. I enjoy watching the lightning and feeling the breeze that comes with the storm. When we can see the lightning all around, but we don't get any rain, it is nice to observe nature and watch the sky light up with every flash. Brandon

I liked this one as well because I love watching thunderstorms. I like seeing the lightning light up the sky, and I like the quieter, more roaring sounds of thunder, not the big clashes of thunder. However, when it comes to tornados, I am hiding under the bed until I know it's safe. I love listening to the storms, but not when my life depends on it. Katelyn

listen to
     the mandolin rain
Spring lake's beauty

Kyler Fear (5)

There is a nice imagery to this haiku. I like the many different sound that come out of it, such as the mandolin and rain, which to me, are very different sounds. I also like that there is also visual imagery in it with the Spring lake's beauty. This haiku paints a nice picture with the various different images. Nic

fire alarm
from the past

Nicole Koch (1)

frigid wind
untarping the field
we find a crawfish

Nicole Koch (1)

spring breeze
the doctor says
it's cancer

Nicole Koch (2)

scratch it off
the bucket list

red light        green light
wondering why
you get to me

Kyler Fear (5)

3 a.m. train
girlfriend won't accept
that she snores

Nic Sanders (2)

I like this one because it shows the suborn nature of people. I like that we can assume that this girls partner is awake to hear the train because of the snoring, and not that she is woken up by the train. I like the glimpse of personality I see in this woman, she won't accept that she snores because she wants to be attractive to her boyfriend, but he's the one that would know if she snores or not. Lexy

spring breeze
can be so loud

Nicole Koch (6)

This one is interesting. It is very true that silence is loud because your ears are much more sensitive. I like to think that the breeze was the only sound the author was hearing, then the breeze stops and the author is filled with thoughts. I also like to think of this with a specific scene. When ever I am in a classroom with the AC going, I don't notice it, however, whenever the teacher turns off the AC, the lack of the constant buzz makes the room much louder, when it is actually much more quite. Nic

chemistry exam
why can't you be easy
for once

Alex Cardascio (2)

thinking after the quiz
I totally messed up
number one

Alex Cardascio (2)

his friends laugh
as he hits the window
cawing crows

Kyler Fear (2)

on the way home
remembering my uncle's
hilarious jokes

Alex Cardascio (1)

day            break
i awake
to his suicide note

Kendall Kott (8)

I really only have one double vote and it's this one. I think it's really unique because you often don't hear the term day break, I actually had to google it, but I really liked the format of this haiku. Day break, google says it means dawn or dusk. After I figured out what it meant I realized how much pain this haiku can have. The person who committed suicide obviously couldn't do it while the world was awake and it kind of makes me wonder if he was ashamed of it. Then I think he saw whomever, a friend, girlfriend, mom or dad, sleeping and saw peace on their face and just desperately wanted that. I also feel as if the person who just woke feels extremely guilty. Whether not knowing this person was suicidal or maybe he feels as if he could have prevented it, I feel like there is a lot of guilt and that's why it is my double vote. Francesca

farts were funny as kids
farts are still funny
at 21

Katelyn Rumph (1)

demon dog
we became friends
over my right ulna

Francesca Rios (3)

she hides her blemish
and her baby bump
graduation day

Francesca Rios (9)

I liked this one a lot because of the irony. It kind of reminds me of my high school when I went there. There was a girl a grade ahead of me who on graduation day she was pregnant. She kept posting on social media that she was more worried about the massive pimple on her forehead rather than hiding the 5 month baby bump. I think it kind of relates to what girls prioritize in their lives. A lot of young girls don't understand the risks they take, and they're more worried about materialism. I thought that the irony was funny, which is why I liked it. Katelyn

I like this haiku because it reminds me of a small town where a girl has not told anyone that she is pregnant yet. I think the contrast between her blemish and a baby bump is funny because it shows you how young the girl actually is. I imagine the graduation being a high school graduation and the girl not wanting to tell her parents because she does not want to ruin this positive time. The baby bump seems small so it is recent news, probably from her and her boyfriend who probably do not plan to go to college. Austyn

my daughter's new body
is my fault . . .
her first Barbie

Francesca Rios (2)

new pants
she drops the lunch plate
ripped seam

Kendall Kott (2)

This haiku is my life. This happened to me (but not with a lunch tray) just a few weeks ago. They were the cutest pants ever and it made me so mad. No matter who you are, this situation makes you uncomfortable and irritated. Eve

empty coffee cup
crumbs in my book
        all nighter

Katelyn Rumph (3)

after the storm
rain continues
under the tree

Brandon Januska (4)

the smell of rain
a lone drop
taps me on the head

Eve Greenwell (3)

mitochondria and
ATP are important for . . .
Ooo, Squirrel!

Mother must be texting me

Kyler Fear (3)

70 degrees
too much homework
thanks Millikin

desk lamp flickers
a girl dozing off
in the land of trigonometry

Kendall Kott (2)

I think this haiku is really well written. It seems very dramatic and then you realize she is just doing homework. I love the “land of trigonometry” it amuses me. I just really like this haiku. Eve

phone rings
my heart jumps
it's just mom

Austyn Krueger (2)


Austyn Krueger (5)

This haiku is very relatable. Everyone feels this way. I like the use of form to evoke emotion: I can feel the stress of trying to force every word into the one line. That is how I feel today and often. I could write haiku like this for a lot of different reasons. Lexy

I like this haiku because the way it is jammed makes it seem stressful, which is how I feel on Sunday's. It makes me think of the long to-do list flying through my head so fast as if it were all one word. I like that it is all one line because it gives the allusion of lying down, which is normal for a lazy Sunday. I think we can all relate to having those days when you want to be lazy like everyone else but all you can think of is all the things you have to do. Of course some days (maybe most) you just ignore the to-do list and stick with the lazy day. Eve


Saturday night
why does my phone
always text you

Austyn Krueger (9)

This is probably one of the most relatable haiku I've ever read probably. I always tend to text the same person on Saturday night. I really do miss the person who I text, and I enjoy talking to her. It is one of the situations that we both miss each other, but we can never schedule a time to get together to catch up. I hope that we can get together sometime in the summer, and I assume we'll be able to then. Adam

This was also one of my favorites because of the language that was specifically chosen. I like how the haiku says “why does my phone always text you”, as if asking a question of blame or guilt on the phone. In reality, this person must be texting someone they don't want to text or mean to text. This haiku is very open to interpretation, because you as a reader have to ask the question why. Why are you texting this person? Are you lonely? Are you depressed? Do you miss them? Why is texting them a bad thing? It is very open ended and leaves a lot of questions in the reader's head, which I liked because then I could try to relate to my own situations and answer those questions on a personal level. Kendall

I like this one because I feel like I do this. Except, I do it whenever I am on my phone. I feel that the person in the haiku I texting I person they probably shouldn't be yet, they always seem to be texting them any way. I like how playful this one is too. Nic

red lips
red dress
      kool aid in the summer

Francesca Rios (4)

I also liked this one as a double vote because of the colorful imagery and the interpretation. The first two lines play with the color red, which is usually a promiscuous and very girly color. This makes me think this girl is all dressed up fancily for a party or a date. However, then the last line throws you off because it is the most casual type of activity—drinking kool aid in the summer. I pictured red kool aid to go along with the theme. This made me wonder if this is like a girl playing dress up and having a little picnic, just because her imagination is running wild and she wants to look nice for her pretend guests. I also liked this haiku because of the break before the last line. The pause sets the last line apart, and the big space indents the line to show its importance. I think this is because the last line is disconnected from the first two, so a physical separation needs to be shown. Kendall

sudden urge
the pee off the seat
warms my leg

listening to the radio
with mom in the car
dirty song starts playing

class discussion
suddenly aware
of my facial hair

Nic Sanders (1)

from 1200 miles
he comes to watch me
games canceled

Nicole Koch (2)

I really enjoyed this haiku because of the passion that can be noticed by the reader. It could be a significant other flying in to surprise the other significant other. It would be an anniversary and they both thought they would not be able to see each other that day due to a sports event and work. The husband would fly in to surprise his wife and the game would have been cancelled due to rain or lightning. He would feel silly for coming until he saw his wife and all would be okay. Alex

the spring day
sticks to my skin
trees bloom

Lexy Bieber (1)

every pranksters'
April 1st

Austyn Krueger (1)

April First
i forgot to do my homework
no joke

Lexy Bieber (1)

warm weather
week long
April Fool's joke

my mom's panic
over her broken leg
April Fool's

April 2nd . . .
she's still

Francesca Rios (3)

no warm-up
coach says I'm in
April Fool's?

crying to my counselor
I drop out of school
April fools!

Eve Greenwell (1)

saran wrap
covers the toilet
my next victim

Katelyn Rumph (1)

Mom, you're going to be
a grandmother
April Fools!

Kyler Fear (2)

This haiku reminded me of a trick that I would pull on my mother for April Fools Day. I would come home from school and tell her how my day went and just out of the blue announce that I somehow got a girl pregnant and watch for her reaction. Once her rant would be over I would say April Fools and she would want to kick my butt so hard it wouldn't be funny. Alex

April 1st
three tests
if only it was a joke

Eve Greenwell (1)

April Fool's day
I'm pregnant

Austyn Krueger (1)

April fools

Eli Cook (1)

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