Haiku Kukai 8

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2015

Birthday Party
he wishes for
mommy to get better

a love of the game
an average play gone wrong
what next

taking a jog
I do not see
the tree root

500 cups of water
in my room
welcome to April

my first mothers day
away from her

her flip flop breaks
in the middle of the street
honking horn

wind blown curls
I sink my feet
into the sand bar

longing for you
it's been so long . . .

old friends
what was
her name?

summer hike with dad
sun and moon
side by side

the innocent girl
guards grandma's grave
red ladybugs

I watch the return
slowly growing

radio playing
I find haiku
in the lyrics

window down
slight evening breeze
from a loud train

the hat
bringing the luck
to the fish

cold winter wind
suddenly relents
I take in a deep breath

she rests in peace
the crows
become restless

winter morning
hiding from the cold
human cocoon

ignoring the storm
by watching tv
power's out

the blood of the victim
in the harvest moon

late to class
run to Scovil
printer jammed

laying in bed
I whisper goodnight
to my imagination

on his death breath
he mutters to his wife
I'll always be with you

my parade
rolling down the street

first day of yoga
the old man stretches
farther than me

grandfather's funeral
a box
of old coins

boy's first sled
speeding down the hill
face plant

parents day at school
without you
another year dissapointed

going            going
my first homerun

family picnic
cheery pie eaten
by marching ants

my father helps the old woman
carry her groceries
good cop

five fingers meet plastic
I realize
I ate all the oreos

I wake up
in your embrace
Sunday morning

Christmas morning . . .
the snowman wears
my dead brother's gloves

morning chill
you usually made
the coffee

afternoon rain . . .
his suicide note
on social media





wishing I had
what they all had
        childhood memories

strung too tight
have to readjust

falling snow
one single rose
on the kitchen table

shadow on the wall—
much larger
than the mouse itself

Grandpa's war story
the young boy
plays with the rifle . . .

from across the field
I watch her kiss him . . .
that should be me

midnight snack
drinking chocolate milk
from the cocoa puffs

sliding into home
the boy murmurs a haiku
to the catcher

showing off prom dresses
the only time
I miss high school

another night

tornado sirens
a cardinal abandons
her nest

at the funeral
looking into the casket . . .
she smiles at me

we lock eyes
I blush as he
walks right past me

oh the weather outside
is wonderful
        spring time

hanging from
the tree
my sins

a fake tree
sits in the corner.
outside—it rains

crack of lightning
father grabs flashlights
with no batteries

warm spring day
the flowers cover
your casket

fingers clenched
the boy grabs
a flashlight

crowded park
in the clouds
I see your face

March 1st
my Christmas candy stash
finally depleted

traffic jam
grandpa tells me
the same joke again

mossy rock
distant waterfall
fill the silence

pitter patter of pointe shoes
fluttering in unison
bouree bouree bouree

I see our reflection
in the puddles
trees above, trees below

Gushers wrapper
silly things
that remind me of her

our relationship
never the same
correct password

I thought I was
as dear to you
as earth or sky or sea

stretched out
on the bed
we breathe

homeless woman
wallet only contains
a few twenties

Baltimore riots
Facebook page filled
with breakfast statues

lights out
tuck me in
make me feel loved

rolling out of bed
to see the sunrise

alone at night
the refrigerator hum
my enemy

quiet house
the creaking of floorboards
wakes up my detective

empty stare
in her eyes
rape victim

serious discussion
whisked away
with laughter

home alone
all night
I carry my bat

knock on the door
I look out
down the empty hallway

Illinois weather
the reason behind
my trust issues

driving down street
of where I'm going

© 2015, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.