Global Haiku • Spring 2015
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Brandon Januska
Brandon Januska

haiku essay:
Wally Swist's Nature Haiku

Down the Empty Hallway

Brandon Januska

This collection includes my best work of spring 2015. The title is based off of my signature haiku. I chose this title because it brings the audience into the world of the haiku and leaves them to interpret what happened. The collection includes haiku that talk about human emotions and some that discuss nature. A lot of the haiku in this collection try to paint a picture in the mind of the reader. They place the reader in the setting of the haiku and allow them to experience what is happening in the haiku. Enjoy reading the very first haiku collection of Brandon Januska.

knock on the door
I look out
down the empty hallway

he looks at the tombstone
his latest victim

raindrops begin to fall
on the drying clothes

father and son
at the ballgame
storm rages on

darkness falls
only the moon
to guide them

neighbor’s treehouse—
I go outside
and count the rings

trout weaving
in and out
of sunlight

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