Global Haiku • Spring 2015
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Eve Greenwell

Eve Greenwell is a biology student with a Pre-Chiropractic focus.

haiku essay:
Aubrie Cox's Haiku for Readers

the little girl inside

Eve Greenwell

I'm one of those girls who never really wants to grow up. I loved my childhood and inside I'm still just a little girl dreaming of being a princess. Don't get me wrong I have big plans for my future, you know being a doctor and all, but that doesn't mean I don't miss the good ol' days. Most of my haiku are inspired by my memories, my family, and my day to day life. My family is one of the most important things to me, along with my friends and of course God. So these are my haiku, from the little girl inside me.

I am the youngest of ten kids, I love ballet and really any type of dance even though I currently am not dancing, I secretly never want to grow up but since I have to I am going to become a chiropractor because they are awesome.

princess movie marathon
one day my prince
may come

midnight snack
drinking chocolate milk
from the cocoa puffs

late night drive
waiting for the stop sign
to turn green

another month
another pregnancy test
in the garbage can

the child lifts her head
to make her breath
a train

dancing in the rain
stuck in the mud

box of chocolate
holes poked
in every piece

a pint of vanilla
post workout
cool down

funeral procession
they lead us
on top of graves

alone at night
the refrigerator hum
my enemy

snow dusted over the lake
the clouds

first sled
speeding down the hill
face plant

princesses and fairy tales
the little girl inside
refusing to let go

hopping from stone to stone
the water evaporating
                                off my feet

after dark
walking across campus

the smell of rain
a lone drop
taps me on the head

empty house

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