Global Haiku • Spring 2015
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Katelyn Rumph

Katelyn Rumph is a junior at Millikin majoring in theatre with a minor in music. She has been in the honors program at Millikin and is currently in the James Millikin Scholar Program, preparing her two year research project. Her project is about racial bias and how it affects ordinary American citizens in need. She has taken many honors classes and her favorite so far has been the Global Haiku class. She loves learning new things and haiku has been one of the best she’s learned about in her honors classes. Her approach to haiku is very personally driven, and she loves to write about friends, love, and everyday situations.

The Simple Life

Katelyn Rumph

I named this collection “The Simple Life” because that’s what it is: a summary of all my previous haiku of the semester that I feel really captures who I am as a person. I am a stressed out, over worked college student who studies and loves so hard and tries to be quirky often. I have never really thought of myself as a haiku writer. After this semester, I now see that the key to writing haiku, at least for me, lies within the heart—meaning one needs to take what means the most to them and let it inspire them to write haiku that mean more to them than just a homework assignment. In this collection I write often about love, homework, stress, seasons, and overall just my personality as a person. I’m unique, just like my approach to haiku. And this collection is a great culmination of my work over the semester.

waiting for you to leave
any day now

running for my life
I’m going no where

turn on the lights
I check the shower curtain
for monsters

nose prints on the window
I remember
my best friend

love so hot
love so cheesy

I walk through
the graveyard
looking for my friends

saran wrap
covers the toilet
my next victim

my bank account
than my GPA

wishing I had
what they all had
        childhood memories

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