Global Haiku • Spring 2015
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Kendall Kott

Kendall Kott is a honors freshman student at Millikin University studying vocal music education. Originally from Lombard, IL, Kendall came to Millikin for its strong music program and plentiful musical opportunities. While here, she started her own women's a cappella group, Blue Harmony. Aside from being involved in this, Kendall is also a member of NAFME, a national club for music educators. Kendall is involved in Greek life as an active member of Delta Delta Delta.

Sidewalk Chalk

Kendall Kott

Five months ago, I would have never guessed I would be where I am now. Learning how to write and appreciate the art of haiku has been an interesting transformation for me, as I have grown as a writer and as a reader of haiku works. This collection includes the best haiku I have written over the semester. When reviewing the numerous haiku, senryu, haibun, and renga I have completed, I chose the best haiku by reading my old assignments and seeing which ones popped out on the page. They gave me a sense of shock to where I couldn't even believe I had written them.

When I read my old haiku, the best ones usually left me with a sense of shock or surprise. I would read the whole page and if one really struck me a certain way to where I was left with a lingering thought or feeling, then I added it to my collection. The haiku collection is filled with various topics of haiku and written style of haiku, some including two lines and some including three.

These haiku are the ones I am the most proud of and by reading these, a reader can tell the way my writing style has developed and improved. I am excited to share these words with you all. Read slowly and think deeply, for art takes time to be truly appreciated.

Thank you.

she plays
with him in mind
funeral time

will it all be okay?
mom's homemade soup
a crutch

cigarette on the steps
honest Abe asks
for a light

sidewalk chalk
they take turns
outlining each other

starlit night
the air cools
my sunburnt skin

floppy ears
his wet nose
touches mine

cherry blossoms
I watch her
approach the picnic bench

addicted to this drug
but can't stop the love

her dress buttons
with each one
my heart beats faster

day break
i awake
to his suicide note

© 2015, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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