Global Haiku • Spring 2015
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Lexy Bieber


The Bad Semester

Lexy Bieber

As I read through my collection of haiku, the common theme that I can find is taht they are all very personal. When I read my haiku, I can recall exactly where I was in this past semester. This semester was not my favorite, but my haiku don't always reflect that to the outside reader—or at least I hope they do not. This haiku collection is a representation of my version of a bad semester: it has lots of happiness, and if often chooses to ignore the pain, but sometines it needs to be dramatic.

cold feet
I steal the blanket

lights out
tuck me in
make me feel loved

I forget my homework
to remember

bright red lips
looking for eyes
to be looking at her

I see our reflection
in the puddles
trees above, trees below

on the wrong side
of the right bed
I'm still happy

stretched out
on the bed
we breathe

Oh, my son.
My son,
my Son.

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