Global Haiku • Spring 2015
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Nicholas Sanders

Sunday Hike With Dad

Nicholas Sanders

"Sunday hike with dad" is my first collection of haiku. These haiku I have chosen because they were the ones that reminded me of simple events of my life the most. These haiku are not about the major turning points of my life, but rather capture the simple and quick moments that would later define a certain point of my life. They remind me road trips with my girlfriend, the trips to my family graveyard, and hiking with my father. These haiku try to capture those small moments of my life that I will always remember. ~Nicholas Sanders

What I really enjoy about his collection is his ability to take any topic and make it either playful or lighthearted. His poems are never meant to be looming, yet when they are serious there oftentimes is a slight hint of underlying humor. These poems are both relatable to just about anyone, as well as something you would want to read again and again. Although I love them all, I think Nic chose wisely by showcasing the "Sunday hike" haiku as his signature haiku. It explains his writing style and personality to a T. ~Olivia Cuff

Sunday hike with dad
sun and moon
side by side

first snow
hearing old fights
from behind my bedroom door

Christmas spirit
wishing my parents
still lied to me

laughing in bed
we recreate romantic scenes
from the movies

two men
in love with a third
Jack Daniel's

country guitar
sacrificing the radio
to the girl I love

the pause
between her words

phone call ends
remembering one last thing
I needed to say

wine and cheese
I cannot wait until
her next wedding

grandfather's funeral
a box
of old coins

tornado sirens
a cardinal abandons
her nest

homeless woman
wallet only contains
a few twenties

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