Global Haiku • Spring 2015
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Nicole Koch

Nicole Koch is a sophomore Biology (Pre-Physical Therapy) student with a Spanish minor.  She also devotes much of her time to playing on the softball team here at Millikin. She loves playing sports, watching movies, successfully executing pranks, going on nature walks, having dance parties with her roommate, and hanging out with friends. She loves the people that she has met at Millikin, but most importantly is thankful for her growing relationship with God throughout her time here.

Play Hard

Nicole Koch


I decided to title my collection "Play Hard" for multiple reasons. Ever since I was young, my dad would always tell me, "play hard, do your best, never give up, and have fun," and that has been my motto to this day. Playing hard makes me think of going through life with a purpose and living life to the fullest. No matter what happens in life, whether they are good times, bad times, funny times, or exciting times, everything is going to turn out okay in the end, especially if you give 100% effort. And if you don't give effort in life, it just won't be very enjoyable.

My dad would also tell me this quote before almost every one of my softball games. In this collection, I have multiple softball haiku as well because softball has been a big part of my life. I have been challenged in many ways through this sport, and I thought it would be cool to title the collection after that as well.

sun rise
text from mom did you take
your vitamins

running on my favorite path
I look back
on my mistakes

breakfast with him
I didn't know
it was a date

meeting the family
he forgot to mention
it was casual

she rests in peace
the crows
become restless

five fingers meet plastic
I realize
I ate all the oreos

traffic jam
grandpa tells me
the same joke

feeling defeated
I look up to the picture
He already won the war

spring breeze
can be so loud

on the mound
with bases loaded
poker face

10 inch gloves and
baggy uniforms
inhouse softball

curveball slices
through the strike zone
perks of being double-jointed

99 and senile
I'll always remember
dirty glove

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