Global Haiku Tradition • Tan-Renga 2016

(write capping verses for 5-10 of these)

this river
still the same
as before he was lost


broken stump
a fence
runs through it


living in the fishbowl
I cannot help
but do nothing


once again
I fall into the trap
of his sweet talk


on the broomstick
two broken teeth


rose petals fall
revealing scars
nobody else could see


a firefly
Marvin Gaye


birthday princess
can't even make it
to the strike of twelve . . .


talking to females
he sucks in
his beer gut


three ducks
waddle across the playground
just before recess


eyebrows laid
waists cinched
let's have a kiki


driving down the road
I used to turn left
now turning right

head out the window
smiling in the warm wind


in the car
rain picks up
turning the radio dial


a stupid idea
her eyes light up


early morning
one by one
lights turn off


dinner talk.
What will we look like
in heaven?


darkening trail
ice caps appear
through the shroud


masked in shadows
the crow calls
three times


rabbit nest
the crow returns for
the last one


© 2016, Randy Brooks • Millikin University • All rights returned to authors upon publication.