Haiku Kukai 2

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2016


the conductor cuts off
the ensemble bursts into a smile
that is why I do this

soft light of Sunday morning
     wrapped in cotton sheets
I watch him dream

winds of change
soulmates come and go
like Mary Poppins

my face buried in his neck
taking in his scent
the vet whispers, "it's time"

looking for you
lost in the shadows
of evening trees

no more calls
no more texts
radio silence

flowers wilting
they die before the lovers
meet again

mismatched pottery
each with its own story

drifting off to sleep
in the back of the car
the sound of the snowfall

late morning
and mom

everything made her smile—
once he left
she could hardly feel

favorite belt gone
not the only thing

trees sway
broken dreams
are pushed to yesterday

punch thrown
through the dry-wall
of my chest

Ray Bans flash
snowy streets now
Hollywood boulevards

laughing with friends
the phone rings       shit
please not now

season two finished.
way better
than some restaurant

her love
comes and goes
ocean wave

dementia sets in
he enjoys a late night fire
out back

a bud closed tight—
it has yet
to decide

Valentine's Day
I stare at the table
meant for only me

man's best friend
always remembered
blue collar

roaming the house
like a cat

the snow piles high
he tenderly caresses
her bald head

two words
stamped in his mind
just friends

hopping on the hardwood
she will not be helped

her beautiful smile at
me from across the party
I can't find her

dusty shelves
forgotten boxes
of someone's memories

fears sits
right outside the car door
her parents

the melted kit-kats
now smeared on
the little one

whiskey on his breath
a foreign perfume
it was all a lie

after the lecture
a dolphin dive
into cozy sheets

four missed calls
seven new messages
just go away

at the restaurant
meeting for the first time
awkward introductions








that silent face
speaks volumes and novels
and nothing at all

he's cool, calm water
soothing          comfortable
            I miss your flame

falling face
first into summer stars
the lake winks below

his earthy bass
he said
my name

your boyfriend
still—the air between us

I loved you so dearly
until you were gone
slice of pizza

don't say anything embarrassing
I open the door

beautiful spring day
ice finally melting
ends in sorrow

each day grows longer
I grow too tired
to stay

avoiding eye contact
it's been six-thirty
for weeks now

with each step
the ground is moving
tiny frogs

in the valley
a river flowing
through the heart

with infinite storage
her mind files
every mistake

house arrest
with your ex

in this apartment
his smell
the only thing left

first base line
all alone

headphones in
shoes laced tight
open road ahead

father's old hat
on once again
never gets old

I watch him walk
in combat boots
my love on the line

worlds away
I pinky swear my heart
will find you again

tik tok
they lay together
for the last time

he greets her with a hot breakfast in bed before the nurse arrives

he saw her every weekend and kept her from being herself

on our park bench
my phone rings
I ignore it.

one silent dinner
all that's left
after all that love

I draw rocket ships
     with dad

the hazy moon . . .
     gleaming tracks
she awaits a train



© 2016, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.