Kukai 3

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2016

mountain of shoes
bottom pair
price sticker scratched off

a wardrobe full
dressing up
my dreams

translucent jellies
darkness surrounds
the waning moon

barefoot on the grass
three two
one last kiss

cool water runs
over my body

Valentine's Day
dancing in the kitchen
with two best friends

three hour lecture
his mind wanders
around the room

raking leaves
building walls
our imaginary house

positive thoughts
through the valley
I stride

winter air bites her nose
cold valentine's day
just like the last

young lungs
filled with smoke
it still hurts

lights flashing
crowd jumping

rain falls on my face as you fall from my arms

snow covered boots
hot tea
and a hand to hold

music punches
the right notes
in the heart

hands stuck to her legs
tucked in for the night
like a mummy

two styrofoam cups
equal number
of sparkling gold necklaces

love lost
lust lasts
through February

existential crises
every Sunday
I rush to do my work

low tide
honesty calmly
shifts to the right

you want to get married
in a church
but where is your faith

the sun on my back
cool water drips
down the paddle

the ashes are placed
tears start to build up
one big breath

I don't need a tissue
not yet

seventy degree atmosphere
covers the wrist

loud bass bumping
eyes closed
imagining a shadier lifestyle

green grass beneath his feet fetching the tennis ball

just over the hill
a lone saxophone
breaks the silence

hair slicked back
new suit and tie
ready for the real world

vitamin stack
chug back
        . . . eye slice of pie

students hunch
to class
angry penguins

small town
in a pizza buffet
pals reunite

hot and sweaty
out of breath
Shilling stairs

picking at my nails
looking for the right words

jazz tastes nice
behind my
joker face

searing hot pan
the egg sizzles
the second it hits

her beauty grows
bibbity bobbity boo

I lay in bed
memories watch over me
in my sleep

stand up | hop hop | sit down
stand up | hop hop
stand up |

I close my eyes
wait for the rush
roller coasters

behind the curtain
my hand quivers

summer night
she snuggles
on daddy's lap

soft wind blows
extinguishing the fire
we once shared

hands, calloused and cracked
he does this
for us

through the window
watching snow cover
my steps from last night

hospital bed
her frail hand reaches up
one last time

where you lead
I follow
ducks in a row

ripping off her top
               inhales deeply for the first time in months

a drunk
reaches for his shirt
in a tree

early morning
serving up smiles
to people less fortunate

today will be different
he starts the car
coffee spills

Mother's new blender
I finish my sister's
soupy margarita

looking at the clouds
I realize
just how minor I am

soap bar suds
lather in my hands
to wash away the sin

jumpIng rope
my mind leaps
through old memories

praying to forget           regret

bright pink lipstick
winter scarf
awaiting his arrival

no passing zone
an old couple
takes their time

Valentine's Day
Nutella and Netflix
maybe next year

smoke out the window
her cigarette glows
it's not your fault

porch wifi
plastic cup ashtray
hoodie up

steel spoon stirring soup
unable to digest anything
after our talk

chirping gaily
a language of their own
mother and daughter

boyishly puffy hair
smooth-talking his way into
a tightly barred cell

gentlemen's match
swear words fly

breaking the news
mom and dad
I'm a liberal

lone footsteps in the snow
the difference I make

in the wilderness
snow falls
gently on my hand

slamming doors didn't stop
from coming back

splashing us left and right
his floaties kept his
smile above the water

heart shaped box
bought too early

trail of clothing
she follows to find
the toddler running naked

windswept hair
broken kickstand
dad's old bike

watering the flowerbox
watching her grandchildren
play make-believe

roommates in bed
what to text him next

broken blue classic
hidden among
rusted wrecks

just one beer
his famous last words
every time

handprint on the window
cool to the touch
racing raindrops

© 2016, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.