Global Haiku • Spring 2016
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Grace Ganley

Reader Response Essay

Bruce Feingold's Haiku:
To Feel Deeply About
Yourself and Others



Seasons of Love

Grace Ganley

I chose this title to represent my haiku because of the emphasize placed on nature and the seasons of the year. The changes in weather and atmosphere around me were generally a common theme and easy to relate to the many emotions of love and adoration. Also, I focused on a painting a warm, beautiful scene with my selection of haiku. Generally, each represent a picturesque place or tender, sweet feeling. I wanted the selection to be relatable and able to create splendor in the eyes of the reader.

About the Author

My name is Grace Ganley, and I am a freshman Business Management major from Decatur, Il. I went to MacArthur High School and am involved in the volleyball program here at Millikin. Before entering Global Haiku, I had no experience with writing or reading haiku let alone any real poetry at all. It has been an interesting course as well as very cultured. I enjoyed learning and indulging in a different art form that is so expressive and beautiful.

her love
comes and goes
ocean wave

romance fills the air
sun rises early and stays late
dog days of summer

day and night
just a kiss
in time

I watch him walk
in combat boots
my love on the line

beautiful warm breeze
glistening sun beams
. . . then I wake up

something you are
turns to something you know
face to face

her beauty grows
bibbity bobbity boo

where you lead
I follow
ducks in a row

flame burns
in my heart
. . . Yankee candle


I lay in bed
memories watch over me
in my sleep

sleeping in
past noon
days with you

Easter spent
somewhere warm
with somebUnny special

birthday princess

can't even make it
to the strike of twelve . . .

© 2016, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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