Global Haiku • Spring 2016
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Joseph Pegura

Reader Response Essay

Scott Metz: A New Form
and Style for Haiku

Beauty Is Everywhere

Joseph Pegura

As a kid from a small town, I have always been used to appreciating everything that was a part of my life, and while growing up, I fell in love with driving. Open country fields and sunsets are stamped into my mind, so I am truly inspired by my current setting in life. I also like to notice the little things that many people do not even pay attention to. Also, I feel that nature is underrated which is why I write.

three ducks
waddle across the playground
just before recess

single mother
first fall alone
noticing her joint pain

shades on
hat back
too cool for school

late night fishing
the mosquitoes carry
us back home

glancing around
          his family asleep
with a cross dangling from the rearview

I sprint out the door
       to pick him up
              for his last breath

oiling the rusty chain
first ride
on the old dirt trail

still a bit of time
for procrastination
summer heat

we race
to the lake
crisp autumn evening


sniffing around
under the stars
we jump

sticking her head
out of the sunroof
finally free

peering out into the forest
those final goodbyes
left us empty

windstar in the parking lot
crowded with groceries
and mom’s little helpers

corn fields fill the horizon
windows down
Tom Petty guides us

eagerly waiting her reply
his phone lights up
mom. . .


hair slicked back
new suit and tie
ready for the real world

two words
stamped into his mind
just friends

© 2016, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.