Global Haiku • Spring 2016
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Katherine Viviano



Katherine Viviano

My collection, Celebrate! is a compilation of haiku that bring out the light in the darkest times. In this life, we have limited time to enjoy the little things, so why not celebrate? There is much to celebrate: treasured time with friends, family and pets, the silly things, our passions, delicious food, breath-taking nature, and love. In my collection, I include haiku that will evoke both tears and laughs; but through it all, remember that it is ok to be a glowstick—sometimes, we have to break before we can shine. Through all these times in this world wind of life, remember to stay aware, stay positive, and always stay curious, for there is so much to learn.  Enjoy!

About the Author

My name is Katherine Viviano. My haiku include my findings, discoveries, jokes (that may or may not be funny) and wonderful blessings I have to share with this crazy world. A musical theatre major at Millikin University, an Instagram enthusiast, a woman of faith, a jokester, a haiku and dog lover, a food guru, a traveler, and a citizen of the USA. Why pursue curiosity, you ask? I ask why not. There are things to learn at every minute of every day and more so, there are faces to put smiles on. We are all part of this planet earth and we are all here to help each other out, and doing so through expression of haiku is one of the most rewarding pastimes I have found. Be brave. Be you. Be extraordinary.

small town
in a pizza buffet
pals reunite

a year gone by
nothing’s changed
childhood friends

two soft kisses
under the jersey sheets
new-found love

hospital bed
her frail hand reached up
one last time

snow piles high
he tenderly caresses
her bald head

behind the curtain
my hand quivers

parading through life
like we are bound
to an itinerary

soap bar suds
lather in my hands
to wash away the sin

converse taught
and headphones in
open road ahead

stand up | hop hop | sit down
stand up | hop hop |
stand up |

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