Global Haiku • Spring 2016
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Michael Barber


Soft Wind

Michael Barber

I chose Soft Wind as the title because of the subtle urges, desires, and changes in my life that have led me to where I am presently. All of the haiku included have been generated from memories in my life and have received positive feedback from my peers. These haiku are my favorite, not just because of how they are written, but because who or where they remind me of. It is my hope that they can connect memories in similar ways in my readers’ minds.

About the Author

Michael Barber is a freshman accounting major at Millikin University. He comes from Beecher, IL. His interests include hanging out with friends, golfing, and working. He chose these haikus because they are some of his most fond memories and best haikus.

soft wind
extinguishing the fire
we once shared

her beautiful smile at
me from across the party
I can't find her

at the restaurant
meeting for the first time
awkward introductions

sitting across from her
the sound of silence
has never been louder

her eyes shining
glowing and  hot
from the campfire

steel spoon stirring soup
unable to digest anything
after our talk

doing my laundry
yet another
awkward encounter

looking at the clouds
I realize
just how minor I am

driving alone
holding a conversation with
the One who listens


watching the sunrise
drawing on my cigarette
smoke straight up

sipping her water
the mare
stares at herself

grasshopper floats
on the waves
summer heat

driving home from school
for summer break
the last time


long day in the sun
removing my socks
white feet

home alone
taking a shower
the door creaks open

shouting and screaming
in our drunken stupor
she lifts her shirt

disheveled beard
blackened hands and face
he leans over the hood

a night at home
remembering why you
are who you are

reading a children’s book
learning a lesson
as an adult


just one beer
his famous last words
every time

© 2016, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.