Global Haiku • Spring 2016
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Noah Klumpe


Small Memories

Noah Klumpe

This collection of haiku are experiences that I have witnessed in my most recent semester of college. These haiku are never written the day of experiencing these things. Instead the day after, I reflect on things that have happened, and write about the seemingly insignificant, or mundane, that my mind specifically recalls. After reading a psychological study over how the unconscious mind is able to help the conscious mind draw connections between two seemingly unrelated events, it became methodical for me to write about memories that my unconscious mind brings to the conscious mind. I personally find that writing about the small events in life, reveals a hidden significance that would rather go unobserved. This is why the booklet goes by small memories. Saying any more about why I incorporated these haiku in this collection would be counterproductive to the purpose of this collection.

About the Author

Noah Klumpe is from Valparaiso, Indiana and is studying actuarial science at Millikin University.

he fumbles with buttons
his tie out of sorts
his first time out

I wade into the ocean
water climbs to my waist
my voice climbs octaves

with infinite storage
her mind files
every mistake

no passing zone
an old couple
takes their time

a drunk
reaches for his shirt
in a tree

on the screen
chatting with my brother
face to face

he looks up to me
as I look
down at myself

neighborhood kids
dismount a trampoline
one biffs it

two sidewalks
one in the sun
I take a longer walk


stopped rollercoaster
we follow the tracks
to the beginning

creaking old bridge 
one more time

feet hang over 
the roof

under the late night sky
the wingman
not alone

a promise
under our stars
for more

movie night
kernels in my teeth
smiling at her


© 2016, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.