Global Haiku • Spring 2016
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Tyler Trzcinski

Toadstools Return & Grandpa's Cabin

Tyler Trzcinski

When writing haiku I take inspiration from many things. Two of the major things that influence my work are nature and people. The way I have set up my booklet allows for two smaller books in one.

My first side is titled toadstools return, this side focuses on nature. The haiku that are included in this portion of the book are based on events I have experienced and places I have been in the outdoors.

The other portion of the book is titled grandpa's cabin, this side of the booklet focuses on people. The people that I write about in my haiku are usually my close friends or family members. The people haiku I write cover a large range of feeling and emotion, from complete bliss to absolute heartbreak.

The art of haiku is something that is new to me but through much invested time, it has become something that I find to be very therapeutic as a means of expression.

Tyler Trzcinski

About the Author:

Tyler Trzcinski is a sophomore biology major. His haiku cycle through very diverse subject matter, although they tend to be oriented around the outdoors, wildlife, and family. His simplicity of language allows any reader's comprehension, while providing enough depth exists to invoke unique emotion, reader to reader.

August funeral
grandpa's cabin
stays buried with him

intermingling ferns
over fallen logs
springtime mushrooms

violet petals curl
with the steam of green tea
frog and cricket banter

illegible tombstones
fresh flowers
someone remembers

oyster farmer
he hangs up his coat
homecooked meal

crescent moon
her words linger
on my cracked lips

vines over stone
the sign eaten away
toadstools return

desktop globe
the child knows
only his backyard

spring drizzle
grandma's soft hands cradle
warm green tea


asparagus spring
cool puddles of rain water
beg for my feet

I draw rocketships
with dad

underneath the bed
monsters hide
broken night light

out of the hospital
a cigarette to celebrate
cancer free

laying under a spruce
pine needles fall
on her sewing hand

mother's touch
to help you in bed
no more nightmares

snails dance
across the sunflower petals
dewdrop chandelier


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