Global Haiku Tradition • Tan-Renga 2017

(write capping verses for at least 4-5 of these)

standing at the top
looking over a sea of trees
king of the world



at the funeral
an old man
grabs the last cookie



false happiness
masked over her face
turning the volume up



hospital waiting room
husband calls into work
for his dead wife




friends I haven't seen
we pick up
right where we left off



little fingers
reaching for my fries
     for the third time


i can hear
giggles in the other room
a couple's first sleepover



i think
has a whatshisname



stands alone
protecting the house



the creak and squeak
as I pedal
grandma's old bike



late night
we sneak to the train tracks
no one will see










lying on the
mapping out our future



once more I find myself
by an empty home



if i knew
it was the last embrace
    i would've held tighter



the milky way
our headlights
and a full tank



never whispering
        a word—
the old willow tree


pondering life
on a boat
I drop my paddle



my hands on you
your hands on me
just awake enough to kiss



© 2017, Randy Brooks • Millikin University • All rights returned to authors upon publication.